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Documentation Quick Reference

Here is what you need for entering your item:

On the subject of hand-written documentation

Someone wrote me to ask that question and I feel the answer is such that you should share it with your populace. This Office suggests that all documentation be typed in a normal business font and amiable size. This Office suggests Times New Roman, size 12 as a good choice.

However, if by preference or necessity hand-written documentation is done...please look to these suggestions...

  1. Hand-written documentation will not be turned away, nor should judges consider it in scoring unless it is written in such a way that makes it difficult to judge.

  2. It is highly, strongly and exceedingly suggested that it be printed neatly, blue or black pen, double-spaced, on lined paper and EASY to read.

  3. It is highly, strongly, enormously and exceedingly suggested that it not be in calligraphy or script.

  4. If your documentation is written in a period manner for presentation's sake (say as the documentation of a Manuscript Arts or Writing category) than it is suggested that you have a type-written copy for the judges to read.
Furthermore, it is suggested that you have back ups of all your documentation and remember there are three judges....have three copies of documentation.