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Hailing from the Mountains of Thunder

Meeting Minutes from Populace/Officers Meeting 12/4/18

Items Discussed

-Float and Christmas Parade discussion: Briefly discussed what happened (Krampus scaring children), Chamber printed apology in Herald, Ilaria worked with Chamber on apology to best of her ability, Barony as whole will not further talk about incident to public, all questions please field to Juliana or their Excellencies.

-Yule: Menu to go on Webpage, site opens at 3pm, procession will start around 430pm, food will get served around 6pm, decor and set up will be at 12 if you want to assist, please let contact Frances.

-Exchequer: Outstanding checks, balance 21,519.12 in checking balance in savings 5,261.37, total in both accounts combines is 26, 780.49.

-Marshal: December should have fighter practice every weekend, January fighter practice almost no weekends because of war practice. Then marshal told an “archery joke” haha

-Thrown weapons: No one hurt, all is good, need a form to fill out for gear requests, there are no spears, will be purchasing material to make them.

– Archer Report: There is a fun shoot for archery and thrown weapons on the December 16th at 10am, map listed in the event on Facebook, Celeste will repost, it is a new location. Will need signs from barony.

-Chronicler: Newsletter is out

-Chatelaine: Quite month. Went to TusCon, did demo, liked that when they did the fighting they had a Herald and announced “lay on” and people really do watch when that happens. Just a tip for us.

-Webmin: New site almost ready. Send in our awards to the abacus herald. Kingdom site is almost ready.

-Strong Oaks: March 23rd- Club Fair 1130-130pm, February 7th- 4 Shilling Short, February 9th- Comic Con, March 2nd-Douglas Art Gallery Exihibit 10-1 reception, March 24th- Richard the 3rd @ UofA, April 19th- Student Red and White, can do a table can (they do lunch), this is the schedule for the year so far.

-Sheriff: We have white gloves, and nail clippers. White gloves-found. Has warrant gone through?

-Social Media: Quarterly reports now due to Kingdom, for how many visits and things of that nature. Also a form has been created for requesting social media announcements. It is useful for helping you fill out your events and postings. Celeste can make a video on how to use it if need be. It can be found on files under FB group, it will also be added to the webpage.

All: January 1st no meeting we will be meeting the 8th instead but A&S will stay the same on the 15th, club faculty advisor checking for space, if space is not available we may have alternate space but meeting will still take place

-Reminder: Kingdom 12th Night: January 5th site opens at 4pm. Pre reg is open now. Only 130 spots for the $10 feast.

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