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    “In an effort to enrich your website we are seeking photos for officers as well as event photos. There is just one hitch, we have to have permission for each and every photo that we place on the website. You are allowed to give blanket permission, but that requires a form being submitted or written permission for us to do so. If you are an officer and would like to have your beautiful portrait put on the website please email me or message me with a photo so I can have it added. For the populace out there we are still working on figuring out how to get permission from many many people at once so stay tuned!”

    If that is all it takes, why not create a list here or a survey where you have to agree. It could be worked through at webminster and/or assistants leisure. a survey would work well as you would have to login and agree and the list should be stored for the permissions to login. Unless something has changed in how surveys are made. In theory you could just plug/paste into something you have already made I think, or as non warranted officers and/or populace members sign up a check or survey associated with their profile and settings perhaps.

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    We have gotten clarification on the policy. There are a couple things needed. We have to have permission from the photographer. If a child is in the picture we have to either obscure them, cut them out, or get permission from the parent. If it is a photo taken in a household camp area and not a public area we have to have permission. If it looks like a portrait photo, like one you would see in a highschool yearbook we have to have permission. Any other pictures just have to have the permission of the photographer.

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