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    I know there was a survey not long ago, collecting data on how the Kingdom in general felt about Southern Crusades, where they’d like it to go and what they’d like to see there.
    Not having seen the results, and needing to make some decisions about the event, I would like to collect as many of your thoughts here as possible.
    Please log in and comment, as I will be taking this information with me to discussions about the event.

    Thank you.

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    Even though it was my first Southern Crusades I had a blast. I loved the camps being around the battlefields. I felt there could have been a little more A&S or Alternate activities other than combat. I would have liked to see more of a battle between baronies for who wins the crusades or something along those lines. I would like to see the event stay in our lands but it also needs to be appealing to the other baronies to attend.

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    Judy Caparulo

    As a new comer to all this SCA activities, and not really knowing the ends and outs of the internal workings of the Southern Crusades I can only go by what I hear and see. So from my prospective, I think Mons should pull out of the partnership with Tir Ysgithr. Tir Ysgithr and some others in the Kingdom want to see this event grow and move it closer to a more central area to other baronys. I would like to see us keep the name “Southern Crusades”, keep it to a size it has been and keep it down in our southern area. But in doing that, I know we are a small barony and do we have the volunteers to run such an event, that would remain to be seen. It would defiantly have growing pains but I think it would be worth it.

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    I have always had a good time a Southern. I don’t like that it left SOUTHERN boarders. After last event I have a better understanding on what it takes to coordinate and get all the pieces in place. From there I understand that Mons does not have enough active members to fully support our side of the event and it has been that way for quite awhile. I would not be upset if southern crusades is dissolve and Mons works on or with another group on a future events.

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    I’ve only been in a local for a few years, but for me, the spirit of Southern Crusades is celebrating the camaraderie and sisterhood of BTY and Mons.
    Various wars are already held in central and northern AZ. The southern Arizona war allows people who can’t or don’t travel far to share the spirit of the south with the rest of our kingdom. If the war continues, it should stay in Pima or Cochise Counties.
    A few years ago I worked as SC Volunteer Coordinator. I took the position seriously and did my utmost to work for a successful event. I had written up a post-event position analysis that was at least ten pages long, and it detailed quite a few of my thoughts on the war and future endeavors.
    Going forward, it’d be nice if post-event reports, suggestions, materials, were compiled and coordinated. It saddened me to realize all of my learning curve and experience most likely was not going to be passed on, and that most positions end up reinventing the wheel.
    Regardless, cooperation and good attitudes are paramount. Volunteers are working at different levels of experience and if people can’t rise above their differences, be helpful, and focus on the benefit of both baronies, then there will be a slow attrition and burn out of volunteer energy.
    Even a car battery will die if it doesn’t get recharged; a slow drain on power will kill something dead, with no chance of an easy and inexpensive fix. I’d prefer for our local baronies and populace to operate at an optimal level and just do preventative maintenance. It’s work but worth it in the long run.

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    This was my first Southern Crusades, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference in regards to Southern, but I do have some comments.

    First off, I understand that the site fell through and we had to venture outside the “south” to have Southern. Sometimes that kind of thing happens. You can’t necessarily fault the baronies for that bit, as that was an anomaly.

    Secondly, as far as Mons and BTY working together, I would like to see our baronies collaborate on something as a “southern barony” event, whether it be “Southern Crusades” specifically or something new. Not having been to Southern before, I am not emotionally invested in the event itself and therefore wouldn’t be terribly upset if it were to be dissolved. That being said, I think we should still try to come up with a resolution that allows us to work together with BTY. Maybe we need to think outside the “Southern Crusades” box and try to brainstorm new ways we can collaborate with BTY to create a successful southern barony event.

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