In search of Letters of Intent for upcoming events!

It’s a fresh new year, and with that comes fresh new events to steward or autocrat! (Deadlines for Letters of Intent and event bids are minimum of four months in advance of the event, unless otherwise noted) Just some of the events up for grabs are:

  • Barmaids! (Deadline January 31st) Barmaids will take place during April 20th-22nd
  • Thunderbolt Tournament: Lady Ilaria needs help! Please contact her if you are willing to give aid to our wonderful Chronicler. Thunderbolt Tournament will take place on June 17th
  • Baronial Arts and Sciences Competition: This year’s hosts are Lord Johan and Mistress Finola, so if you have questions or potential entries, let them know! This year’s A&S Competition will take place July 21st.
  • Baronial “birthday” event: Tentatively scheduled for August 17th-19th, our Baronial birthday needs a special celebration! Submit your LOI/bid if you want to head this fun event.
  • Mace and Great Sword: This year’s Mace and Great Sword is moved to September 7-9th, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make it an amazing event! If you have great ideas for this event, submit your LOI!
  • Yule: Scheduled for December 8, Yule is still open for LOIs/bids
  • Also, don’t forget our quarterly Baronial Sundays! We’re still looking for hosts/coordinators for January 21st, May 20th, and October 21st!

If you have questions about Letters of Intent or bid packets, contact Banthane Julianna or look at the Baronial website for info. Bid packets are not necessary for Baronial Sundays.

We are also looking for bids for Fall Crown Tournament (August 25th) and Kingdom Twelfth Night. Let’s get these events down to Mons!