Officers and Deputies Needed

  • Waiver Deputy
  • List Deputy
  • Rapier (Steel Combat) Deputy
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal (Captain)/Deputy
  • Youth Activities Officer/Deputy
  • Regalia Officer/Deputy
  • Deputy Herald
  • Equestrian Arts Minister
  • Sheriff

All interested individuals please e-mail the Seneschal and Coronets.


Baroness and Baroness


Seneschal (Administrator)

Mistress Fiona inghean Mheg Uidhir

seneschal @


Exchequer (Treasurer)


Thunderbolt Pursuivant (Herald)


Knight Marshal


Rapier Marshal

Lord Nikolaus Gerhart
rapier @


Equestrian Arts Minister

Officer Needed


Captain of Archers



Officer Needed
archer @


Deputy Needed, Archery


Captain of the Guard


Lord Nathaniel Schaffer
Capt.Guard @

Minister of Arts and Sciences



Lady Margherita da Ferrara (Ghita)

Chronicler @





Social Media Deputy



Officer Needed

Sheriff @







Lady Daphne of Karyes

Welcome @


Web Minister


Youth Minister

Officer Needed

Baronial Librarian

Mistress Fiona inghean Mheg Uidhir
librarian @

Baronial Signet

Lady Naomi of Mons Tonitrus
Signet @

Other important email addresses:

Baronial Financial Committee: BFC @