Officers and Deputies Needed

  • Deputy Signet
  • Deputy Social Media
  • Equestrian Arts Minister
  • List Deputy
  • Rapier (Steel Combat) Deputy
  • Regalia Officer/Deputy
  • Sheriff
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal (Captain)/Deputy
  • Waiver Deputy
  • Youth Activities Officer/Deputy

All interested individuals please e-mail the Seneschal and Coronets.


Baroness and Baroness



Seneschal (Administrator)



Exchequer (Treasurer)



Thunderbolt Pursuivant (Herald)


The Honorable Lady Tiphina of Ledbury


Regalia Officer


Officer Needed


Knight Marshal



Rapier Marshal



Equestrian Arts Minister


Officer Needed


Captain of Archers



Zagan The Spirit Keeper


Deputy Needed


Thrown Weapons Marshal


Officer Needed


Captain of the Guard


Lord Nathaniel Schaffer

Capt.Guard @


Minister of Arts and Sciences









Officer & Deputy Needed


Social Media Officer

Ekakibe Yukiko


Deputy Needed





Officer Needed




Ysolde Eileen de Lorraine


Web Minister


M’Lady Megan McC.


Youth Minister


Officer & Deputy Needed


Baronial Librarian



Baronial Signet



Baronial Financial Committee