Scheduled Progress

Mariette Dominique du Beau

HE Mariette enjoys most food and drinks of all kinds and has no special allergies or preferences. She does not like cabbage or fish in any form and prefers coffee and dislikes tea

  • Gifts/Largess:

Illaria la Volpe


  • Embroidered napkins, cup covers, or small lady’s favors
  • Woven belts, ribbons, ties, trims
  • Spice Jars with labels
  • Any ceramic cups, bowls, smaller items, matched sets
  • Homemade food items that can be used as snacks, baked goods, cheese, dehydrated treat
  • Gifts for the youth box, preferably unwrapped items

HE Illaria has many dietary restrictions so we are just going to put the things she can have here:


water – blueberry, pear milk milk substitutes – almond, rice, Lactaid milkshake – vanilla tea – chamomile, peppermint non-dairy creamers – check label eggnog – non alcoholic

Fats and Nuts

almonds, cashews, peanuts butters – almond, peanut oils – canola, coconut, corn, olive, peanut, safflower, sesame, soy margarine lard shortening salad dressing – homemade without problem ingredients

Eggs, Meat, Fish and Poultry

eggs poultry – chicken, turkey fish beef  lamb pork protein powder – whey, egg whites veal liver – beef or chicken

Dairy, Cheeses, Frozen Desserts

cheeses – American, mozzarella,  ricotta, string cheeses cream cheese cottage cheese ice cream – most milk milk substitutes – Lactaid sherbet – no citrus or chocolate flavors Rice Dream® dessert – vanilla whipped cream


apples – Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady applesauce – homemade with Gala, Fuji or Pink Lady apples blueberries coconut – without preservatives dates – without preservatives pears watermelon

Vegetables and Dried Beans

asparagus avocado beans – garbanzo, lentils, pinto, white, most dried beans broccoli brussels sprouts  carrots cauliflower celery chives corn cucumber eggplant green beans greens –  kale, mustard greens, okra, swiss chard, spinach, bok choy lettuce & most salad greens mushrooms olives – black parsley peas – green, snow peas, split peas, red potatoes– white, yams pumpkin radishes rhubarb rutabaga squash – summer, winter, zucchini


almonds carrots celery chips (plain) – corn , potato crackers – soda or soup fruit bars – blueberry, pear milkshake – vanilla oatmeal bars peanuts peanut butter popcorn pretzels – plain

Desserts and Sweets

berries – blueberries cake – homemade pound cake, angel food, homemade white/yellow cakes, carrot frostings – homemade vanilla frosting, homemade caramel frosting, carob, whipped cream carob cookies – oatmeal, shortbread, sugar muffins – carrot cheesecake creme brûlée custards pie – custard, cream pie, homemade apple pie (with safe apples), pumpkin pie divinity sweet breads – homemade zucchini bread candy – licorice maple syrup pastries – plain, almond, pear ice cream – peppermint, vanilla pudding – tapioca, vanilla, rice milkshake – vanilla sweeteners – brown sugar, honey, sugar

Condiments, Seasonings, and Flavor Enhancers

allspice almond extract anise basil  coriander dill fennel garlic mace marjoram oregano poppy seed rosemary sage salt in small quantities thyme tarragon vanilla extract