Barony March of Mons Tonitrus

Hailing from the Mountains of Thunder

Barons and Baronesses

AS 24–AS 26 (1989–1992), Uchdred and Constance

–AS 26 (  –1992), Alwyn and Constance

AS 26–AS 29 (1992–1995), Morgan and Angelica

AS 29–AS 32 (1995–1997), Duncan and Moire

AS 32–AS 35 (1997–2000), Philip and Selina

AS 35–AS 37 (2000–2002), Odinel and Judith

AS 37–AS 40 (2002–2005), Seamus and Gwenllian

AS 40–AS 43 (2005–2008), Charles and Christine

AS 43–AS 45 (2008–2010), Egan and Meadbh

AS 45–AS 48 (2010–2013), Heinrich and Julianna

AS 48–AS 51 (2013–2016), Finnian and Brigit

AS 51-Current (2016-Current) Karl and Samara

Baronial Award Recommendation

Kingdom Award Recommendation

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