The Mace and Great Sword Tourney is a heavy weapons, shieldless tourney with weapon forms generally restricted to single mace, mace florentine, great sword, mace with great sword inverted, and single mace in the off hand. The prize for the tourney is a mace.

1A.S. 23 (1988)Prince Mark von Neumansgrund (Prince of the Sun at the time)
2A.S. 24 (1989)Lord Komask of Tir Ysgithr (Knighted November 1991)
3A.S. 25 (1990)
4A.S. 26 (1991)Sir Ulric Brettvalda the Dragon Bear (Prince of Drachenwald, 1989)
5A.S. 27 (1992)Sir Justin du Roc This Mace was donated to the Baron to be wielded in state (BTY at the time)
6A.S. 28 (1993)
7A.S. 29 (1994) Sir Justin du Roc (2)
8A.S. 30 (1995)Lord Feamir Bek (Made Master of Arms a week later)
9 A.S. 31 (1996) Baron Duncan Arthur Ross the Black (BMMT) (Baron of BMMT; knighted in 2000 in Ansteorra)
10A.S. 32 (1997)Lord Shawn Robert of Kilkenny (Knighted January 1999)
11A.S. 33 (1998) Sir Bryon l’Ours d’Argent de Bourgogne (BMMT) (Formerly Prince of Drachenwald)
12A.S. 34 (1999)Sir Justin du Roc (3)
13 A.S. 35 (2000)Senhor Gõcauo Diego Ramiriç(BMMT) (Knighted later)
14A.S. 36 (2001)Sir Justin du Roc (4)
15A.S. 37 (2002)Lord Sean of the South (Knighted a year later)
16A.S. 38 (2003)Sir Shawn Robert of Kilkenny (2)
17A.S. 39 (2004) Sir Cosimo Orsini (Knighted 3 weeks before the Tourney)
18A.S. 40 (2005) Sir Walrick de Blakeney (Knighted February 2005)
19A.S. 41 (2006)Sir Walrick de Blakeney (2)
20A.S. 42 (2007) Lord Stefan Zinnecker der Jegar von Ansback (BTY)
21 A.S. 43 (2008)Sir Walrick de Blakeney (3)
22A.S. 44 (2009)Sir Justin du Roc (5) (Presented it to his Lady, Viscountess Victoria)
23A.S. 45 (2010)Lord Thomas de Revele (Knighted October 2011 and Crowned November 2012)
24A.S. 46 (2011) Sir Brion the Pious (Founding Baron, Granite Mountain at the time)
25A.S. 47 (2012)Lord Stefan Zinnecker der Jegar von Ansback (2)
26A.S. 48 (2013) Lord Stefan Zinnecker der Jegar von Ansback (3)
27A.S. 49 (2014) Kniaz Ivan Petrovich
28A.S 50 (2015) Sir Sean South
29 A.S. 51 (2016) Lord Liam Warr
30A.S. 52 (2017) Sir Cosimo Orsini
31A.S. 53 (2019)Master Koga Takashiro Kagehiro