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Two Fighter Practices for the Price of One

This Sunday, February 11, 2018, the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus will be holding our weekly fighter practice in 2 locations at the same time (3-5 pm). One will be held at our regular location of Veteran’s Memorial Park in Sierra Vista, Az. The second, is a special practice for those attending the Cochise College Comic Con.

Those attending the Convention will be able to sign up for a chance to suit up and spar with a member of the Barony for rapier and/or armored combat. Loner equipment will be provided for both styles. Rapier combat allows minors aged 14-17 to practice, and armored combat allows minors aged 16-17 to practice. A parent/legal guardian must be present at the time for the minor to participate.

The Barony also has Youth Combat Practice for children age 6 and up being held at the our regular location and time. Please feel free to contact the Knight Marshal with any questions.

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