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Officer and Populace Meeting Agenda


Here is the agenda for the Populace Meeting, to occur on May 1st:

Old/Past Business Resolved (past 30-31 days):

  1. Officer Reports for last month (April): Highlights, important occurrences
  2. Barmaids Closeout (bring your receipts if you have not already)

Current Business (next 0-60 days)

  1. Baronial ‘Recovery Day’ May 12th –  Come help your Barony review, clean up, repair, etc. after Barmaids!
  2. Baronial Sunday May 20th – Event Steward Update
  3. Archery Class/Demo in Benson June 8th – Point of Contact update
  4. Thunderbolt Tourney June 17th- Event Steward Update
  5. Aten University – June 24th, all Officers meetings/classes
  6. Officers – Any other current business to discuss?
  7. Words from the Seneschal
  8. Words from the Baron and Baroness

Future Business (beyond the next 60 days):

  1. Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship July 21st- Event Steward update
  2. Crown Tournament and Champions August 25th/26th- Event Steward Update
  3. Bids needed for Mace and Great Sword, September 8th and 9th – Deadline June 1st
  4. Storage room updates/upgrades
  5. Officers – What’s next that hasn’t already been covered?

If you have other business please contact me by 4:00 p.m. May 1st. Thank you!

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