Cooks Guild learns how to make Cheese


We had a very good meeting this week. Lord Floki made a wonderful lamb dish, Lady Ghita made fried zucchini, and THL Marietta brought some jalapeno poppers from her garden.

The highlight of the evening was Lady Aysun and Mistress Dairine showing us how to make mozzarella cheese. Lady Aysun brought some she made the night before, however, before we finished our evening we have completed a ball of mozzarella and ate it.

In attendance were: THL Marietta, Lady Ghita, Lord Floki, Lady Olrun, Lord Lan, Lady Abigail, Lady Maddelena, M’lady Hillary and she brought a guest; also our wonderful instructors Mistress Dairine and Lady Aysun.

There will be no meeting in August due to the closeness in dates to Crown Tournament.
Septembers meeting we will have the theme of German cuisine
October we will try our hand at Middle Eastern cuisine
November we will come back to Europe and sample French cuisine
There will be no meeting in December.

Thank you to everyone who made last night such a wonderful success. Don’t forget to review your educational goals and inform M’lady Hillary (our education officer).