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It’s going to be an event filled next three months

Greetings to all:

There are a number of events coming up which could interest you as participants, volunteers, champions and organizers.

We will post the details in the next few days. This table provides a summary from discussions at the Aug 7th, 2018 Business meeting. Contact me if there are any corrections or additions needed.


Developing and Upcoming Events needing your attention

NamePurpose / DateNeedsContactNotes:Event Particulars
Monthly A&S ChallengeTo train us up on A&S competition requirements, including crafts, judging and documentation.Your participation :
THL Mariette Dominique du Beau will create a page, and other missives soon.
THL Mariette Dominique du BeauThe next three Challenges:
1. "From the Neck up"
2. "Times Two - Dissimilar Items"
3. "Inside - Outside"
Coming soon on Facebook pages and Calendars
Estrella Cooking CompetitionTo win the Cooking Competition at Estrella War:
In Planning: Perhaps Friday would be a good day
Authorization by Autocracychronicler @

Lady Margherita da Ferrara (Ghita)

seneschal @

Banthegn Juliana la Caminante de Navarra
Implementation ideas:
-Collective space
-Basic Pantry & Spices
More to come
New training:
How to teach a Class
Creating Lesson plans
Preparing class materials
Participationknight.marshal @

Hamasaki Eiwa Miyako
Buckrum Hat MakingUpcoming Workshop with Lady MargueritteTBDTHL Mariette Dominique du BeauTBDTBD
Crown TourneyFri, Aug 24th - Sun Aug 26th
Strong Oak Club FairWed, Aug 29th
- Rennaissance theme
- Garbed participation
- Demonstrations
- Booths (?)
Strong Oak Historical Society
pattonj @">Jeni Patton
Cochise College Student Union, Sierra Vista Campus
Mace & GreatswordsSat, Sep 28th - Sun, Sep 29thwaivers @

Lady Fiona Inghean Mheg Uidher
Champions in the PinesFri, Sep 14th - Sun Sep 15th
Magna Carta DayWed, Sep 19th | 11:30 - 1:30ParticipationStrong Oak Historical Society
pattonj @

Jeni Patton
Daughters of the American Revolution participatingCochise College Student Union, Sierra Vista Campus
Kingdom Arts & Sciences CompetitionSun, Sep 30thParticipation
Pit Fire - Cochise College Pottery ClubFri, Oct 5thParticipationCochise College | Douglas Campus
Art in the Park - Sierra VistaSat , Oct 6th - Sun, Oct 7th
- Community Outreach
- Dedicated Crew
- Garbed Participation
- To be decided
- ideas?
welcome @

Lady Tiphina of Ledbury
Veterans Park
Phoenix Art Museum Field Trip Sat, Oct 13th
- 5$ Van ride
Strong Oak Historical Society
pattonj @

Jeni Patton
Sikh Armor exhibitPhoenix, AZ
Haunted Student UnionFri, Oct 26thParticipationMiniature Knights and DragonsCochise College Student Union, Sierra Vista Campus
Trunk or TreatWed, Oct 31stBenson / St David
Douglas Art Museum Exhibit - the Art and Science of SCAEntire Month of March 2019
- an opening event TBD
- Exhibits
- Participation
- Volunteers
Strong Oak Historical Society

pattonj @

Jeni Patton
Maybe the Heavy Helmet can be used as Regalia display piece after its cleaned up well?
S. Badlands Bedlam - Camping EventThurs, Oct 18th - Mon Oct 21st
Archery, Fencing, armored combat, possible equestrian, vendors, wet RV. Between 100 & 250 ppl expected.
- Volunteers
- Participants
- Vendors
T.f. LewisEvent page on Our Facebook group for sign-upWill held in Bowie, AZ
Keeping track of all the great happenings that need your Stardust. If I've missed anything. Contact me at socialmedia @

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