Crown Tournament Post Access




Their Excellencies have informed me they finally received a response from the Garrison and were advised the new Post Commander is not issuing special event passes for private events at this time.

Crown attendees without a DEERS ID (Active Duty/Civil Service, Family Member, or Retired Military/Civil Service) or a Common Access Card must check in at the Van Deman (formerly the East) Gate of Fort Huachuca.

1) download, fill out, and print the attached form
  – please use “Lower Garden Canyon” as your destination

  – please use “SCA Event” or “Private Event” as your purpose

2) once at Fort Huachuca, park at the Visitor’s Center and go in, with your completed form and your Driver’s License or State ID

   – One form and one ID per adult in your party

3) Sign in. The visitor’s center personnel will assist you as soon as they can.

4) Go back to your car and drive to the gate; the gate guard will examine your freshly-minted post ID and let you pass.

5) Drive to Lower Garden Canyon.

Note that this ID is good for 30 days. If you are a Cochise County resident, it is good for 1 year.

Thank you for your patience; the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus looks forward to seeing you!

Here is a link to the form:

Their Excellencies realize this is an inconvenience and hope it does not put a damper on the joy, pageantry, fellowship, and memorial to be held at Crown Tournament.

Please contact the Event Steward, Lady Swetuie, with any further questions.

Thank you!