Sierra Vista Christmas Parade

Since I haven’t seen it posted that I remember, I just want to thank everyone who worked on our Sierra Vista Christmas Parade float and/or donated materials or equipment, and/or rode/walked with it in the parade. It was beautiful and it would never have happened without:
Her Ladyship Eiwa 
Lady Illaria
Master Taka
THL Mariette
THL Wolfgang
m’ lord Argyl 
m’lady Naomi 
Lady Francheska
Lady Browyn (and her lovely grand daughters!)
m’lady Paisley
Lady Katherine
Lord Isaac (I am sorry, I don’t recall your SCA name) 
the Gentleman Robot
Lord Beto
Master Finnian
the one and only Mahoney
Please forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone!
There aren’t expensive enough gifts nor high enough praise to express my gratitude for your continued hard work and dedication to this Barony, and to bringing it out into the wider community.