Event Bids Reminder

Hello, everyone!

Just a quick reminder – due dates for bids for our events coming up!

Thunderbolt Tournament (due April 1st)

Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship (May 1st)

Mace and Great Sword (May 1st)

Badlands Bedlam (due May 1st)

Yule Court (due June 1st) (Note we have two sites to choose from, this year!)

So, if you are interested in being the Event Steward for any of these events, please reach out to me, Their Excellencies, or Lord Beto for assistance if needed. Otherwise, the Baronial Financial Committee looks forward to reviewing your bids!

All forms can be found on the Kingdom website, on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s page.

All bids should come with completed forms. If the BFC has questions or recommendations, updates can be made as needed.

Thank you!