I.K.E.A of Atenveldt

Did you attend coronation? If so did you see all the beautiful stuff our artisans made for other people? You might have seen a table with a sign that said I.K.E.A of Atenveldt, or you might have heard about it elsewhere, or you may be totally unaware of what it is, and what it was all about. Well I am here to let you know. I.K.E.A of Atenveldt was our first ever kingdom artisan exchange. Artisans filled out surveys about themselves , and then your diligent I.K.E.A of Atenveldt staff matched people up. People then had about 6 months to make an item for their recipient. I am happy to announce it was a smashing success and we are doing it again.

Act fast, the surveys are currently open. You will have until June 7th to fill one out. After that we are going to close the surveys and start matching people up. Then you will have until the new BTY/BOA joined event in November to make an item and exchange it with your recipient.

The survey can be found here:


We also highly encourage people to join the facebook group as it is easier to stay in touch with all of the latest news and updates.While we do encourage people to join the FB group this is not a requirement to participate.