This Saturday’s Garb Workshop!

We have an exciting Early Period Garb Workshop this Saturday from 10am-4pm at the Rogue’s Work Den, also known as the B&B’s studio space. We will be doing Tunics, with Pants and Gored Dresses. If you are making Tunic and Pants you will need approximately 3 yards for each, for the dress 5-6 yards. We highly recommend that you wash and dry your fabric at least once. Please also bring any trim or anything you wish to embellish your outfit with. Bring scissors, pins, matching thread to your fabric, something to do a mock up pattern on, ie sheets, butcher paper, architect paper and if you have a mobile sewing machine, bring that as well. The most important thing to bring with you is the measurement sheet we did at A&S night. If you were not present at the class but would still like to attend the workshop, here are the forms for measurements please have them completed before the workshop as we will not have time to do measurements during the workshop, thank you. We ask that you bring a food dish to share as it is a potluck lunch. Drinks will be provided. See you Saturday!