Faux Viking Hair Bun Workshop

Dame Angel and Mistress Amy Marie, have been kind enough to agree to travel from the northern lands of Phoenix to our Barony and teach this amazing workshop. In this workshop we will make a faux hair piece which can be used for Iron Age or Viking Age persona. The skills learned can be used for Greek, Italian, and even Victorian faux hair pieces!

Materials and tools required to bring to class:
2 packages Kanekalon Jumbo Braids (to match your hair exactly)
1 package of 200 tiny rubber bands (not silicone) ½ inch diameter or less
Glue gun and glue
Silicone mat (the kind for kitchen use is fine)
Small candle with dish to catch wax

Bring something to share, as lunch will be potluck style.

If you plan on attending this workshop, which we highly encourage, you will need to plan your hair color and purchase your 2 packages of hair (brand listed above) relatively soon, so that is has time to come in, if you are ordering online.

This workshop will be taking place January 18th in the Roque’s Work Den, we hope to see you all there, we will be pairing it with the Early Garb Workshop Part 2. So if you still have work to finish on your tunic, pants, or dress, please come, we are happy to assist you in that endeavor as well.

Please contact us by email, coronets@bmmt.org or by facebook if you have any questions or concerns.

The Baroness’