A&S Class Buttoning Up Medieval Style

With Baroness Ilaria. After virtual Court, on May 19th, 2020.
This is a hands on class that will result in a finished button.
Here is a list of What You Will Need:
• Compass or string measured to desired button size and marking utensil i.e. pencil, chalk, marker ( If you want a 2” button, then string should be 1”)
• Rotary cutter for best circles, scissors will work if you are precise with your cutting.
• Fabric of your choice and matching thread that is fairly strong
• Needle, yes we will be hand sewing, thimbles are optional
• Scissors for clipping string
• Wax or choice of thread smoothing product i.e. thread heaven, thread magic.

In this class you will learn how to make a period cloth style button intended for early style garb. We will start from learning to size and cut a button all the way to sewing and finishing a button in one class. These buttons are a great finishing tool for any wardrobe but look especially fine on cotehardies and middle eastern ware. If you are planning on making this for any style
garb in the near future, these buttons are a fantastic addition and they can even be made from your left over scrap fabric. No more worrying about saving extra fabric or running to the store to buy buttons that you forgot to account into the cost of your wardrobe. Hope to see you all on May 19th, at Medieval Button Class.