Veteran’s Parade 2022 – Participation Information

Greetings fair barony!

Veteran’s Day is this Friday, November 11th, 2022. Anyone wishing to participate, but unsure how, please chat with us on our Group Facebook Page, or contact our B&Bs at

For those participating in the Veteran’s Day Parade for our Barony, read on for our staging area and location information!

Refer to this map to help visualize the location.

map of a parade staging area plan



  • Staging begins at 7:30am, with all units in place by 8:30am. Parade will begin at 9:00am.
  • Our Staging Number: 20A – South Side of Wilcox (See Map)
  • Float/Vehicle entry to Staging Area: Intersection of Fry and Marianne (Street between Wendy’s and Patio Pools)

For safety reasons, we will NOT be allowing drop-off on Wilcox (the actual staging area). Participants can be dropped off using the turn-around located on Marianne Street (see map). This area is accessible by entering Marianne Street from Fry Blvd. After making a drop-off, only right hand turns onto Fry Blvd will be available for exiting the drop-off area. Please inform all participants in your group!


Parking is VERY limited. We ask that you plan to be dropped off, or car pool, whenever possible.


Staging Information

  • All units, vehicles, floats, and participants must be in place by 8:30am.
  • When staging your floats, groups please keep to the lane closest to the curb of your respective staging area so other groups can safely pass by to get to their assigned spot.
  • Please remember there is no throwing, tossing, or handing out of candy or other items during the Parade.


Parade Route and Exiting

The Parade will run from 7th Street to the entrance of Veterans Memorial Park. Large groups (and those not participating in the ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park following the parade) are encouraged to march PAST the entrance of the park, to the Rothery Education Center (previously JCMS Middle School) to disband and meet-up with their rides. You will be able to exit the parade area onto Avenida Escuela from the Rothery side parking lot (across from the back entrance to Lowes).

If you choose to exit the parade into Veterans Memorial Park, you will need to continue on to the Cove Parking Lot. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you not stop in the park’s parking lot. Other parade units will be exiting the parade behind you, to enter the parade field. The flow of traffic needs to remain clear and moving so the parade itself doesn’t stop moving, to avoid back ups on Fry Blvd.



For more information about the parade, please ask on the BMMT Facebook page, or email our B&Bs at