Yule 2022, io Saturnalia!

Painting of People in Roman-style clothing at a feast


Their Excellencies, Nathaniel Schaffer and Swetiua de Torleton, invite one and all to join the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus for a Yule time celebration on December 18th!

Come join the gentles of these lands for an evening of feasting, merriment, and camaraderie! Presented in the theme of Saturnalia, the Roman celebration of yule time that similarly resembles many of the traditions of present-day winter festivals and celebrations. The night’s activities will include not only feasting…but also a best dressed table setting area and silent auction fundraiser!

Stay tuned for workshops planned in advanced to help gentles and ladies prepare appropriate attire for this themed event.

Please contact our Event or Feast Stewards for questions or more information not seen here. You can also post questions to our group’s Facebook page, and someone there should be able to assist you!




Below you will find:

  • Event Date, Time & Location
  • Stewards
  • Event Fees & Feast Fees
  • Feast Menu
  • Site Location & Directions


Event Details


When: December 18, 2022
Time: 4:00pm–10:00pm
Location: Elgin Community Hall, 4754 Elgin Rd, Elgin, AZ 85611




Event Steward
Illaria Volpe Della Scala, titialewis@hotmail.com

Ekakibe Yukiko-sama, socialmedia@bmmt.org

Feast Steward
Mariette Dominique du Beau, carol_nightshade@hotmail.com 


Event & Feast Fees


Register for both the event and feast at sca.org
Deadline for event & feast online registration is December 1st

Online Registration

  • SCA Adult: $10
  • Non-SCA Adult: $15
  • Youth: $0

Pay at Gate (Cash Only)

  • SCA Adult: $12
  • Non-SCA Adult: $17
  • Youth: $0

Only 10 feasts will be sold at the gate.

Online Registration

  • Adult Feast: $10
  • Youth Feast: $5

Pay at Gate (Cash Only)

  • Adult Feast: $15
  • Youth Feast: $10


Feast Menu

This menu is subject to changes based on pre-registration

* * *


Panis Quadratus (Ancient Roman Bread)
Olive Relish
Boletos Fungus (mushrooms)
Bruxellis Pullulat (Brussel Sprouts)
Ovis Hapalis (Poached eggs with pine nut sauce)

* * *

Primae Mensa

Pullum Elixum ex Iure Suo (Chicken in its own broth)
Pork with Apple
Aliter ad Ventrem (Leeks with celery)
Cucumbers (Braised cucumbers)

* * *


Honey Nut Cakes
Tyro Patina (custard)
Patina de Piris (pear patina)


Site Directions

Directions from Sierra Vista:

  • Hwy 90 toward Interstate I-10
  • Left onto Hwy 82 for 11 miles
  • Left onto Upper Elgin Rd for 4.7 miles
  • Left into Elgin Community Hall

Directions from Tucson:

  • Go East on I-10 and exit at Route 83 (scenic highway)
  • Proceed South on Route 83 approximately 29 miles to Elgin Rd
  • Continue straight onto Upper Elgin Rd for 4.7 miles
  • Right turn into Elgin Community Hall