Barmaids 2023!

Four people (two men and two women) sitting at a food and candle-laden wooden table in a medieval style tavern, wearing medieval clothes and toasting mugs.


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Lords and Ladies, Nobles and all Populace Members!

The Barony of Mons Tonitrus invites you to our next Barmaids event, as we gather to celebrate the art of mixology and the hardworking individuals who keep our cups full and our spirits high!

From April 28th to April 30th, the Barony of Mons Tonitrus is proud to host a grand event in honor of these skilled and gracious servers! Join us at the campgrounds at Empire Ranch, the Air Strip Group site in Sonoita, AZ.

Throughout the weekend, we will pay homage to the history and tradition of barkeeping, as well as the modern techniques and creativity that make it an ever-evolving craft. Our esteemed event steward, Lord Nicholo de Santi, has planned a weekend of revelry at our Hospitality Tavern. Alcoholic (100% IDs checked) and Non-alcoholic drinks and three meals are offered to all who attend! No need to worry about running a tab! Menu items are prepared separately from listed meats, and are therefore vegetarian friendly. Grab your food tokens at the Gate!

With contests, demonstrations, BAR FIGHTS, and tastings to delight all who attend…this is an event NOT to be missed! Whether you’re a seasoned patron of the tavern, or simply appreciate a well-made libation, the Hospitality Tavern is the place to be!

So, raise a glass to the barmaids of Mons Tonitrus and let us celebrate their contributions to our shared love of conviviality and camaraderie.

Let the festivities begin!


Site Map

Satellite arial photo of the camping and event site for Barmaids 2023, with different color outlines around the areas of the camp and event site.

Event Schedule



  • Court
  • Tavern Food & Drink
  • Combat & Activity Events
  • A&S Classes
  • Bardic & Barmaids



Gate Hours: 12:00–8:00pm

  • 12:00pm: Gate open to campers
  • 1:00pm: Archery & Thrown Weapons range open
  • 3:00pm–8:00pm: Tavern drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • 7:00pm: Open Bardic
  • 7:00pm–11:00pm: Tavern drinks (21+)
    100% ID checks for all wishing to drink alcohol



Gate Hours: 8:00am–8:00pm


  • 7:00am: Breakfast at the Tavern
  • 9:00am–10:30am: A&S Pavillion
    Easy Method to Drawing Celtic Knots
  • 9:30am: The Sable Blades
    Yukiko & Hrafin play the prize
  • 10:00am: Archery & Thrown Weapons range open
  • 10:00am: Rapier Combat [Field]
  • 10:30am-12:00pm: A&S Pavillion
    Making Penannular Brooches & Pins
  • 11:30am–1:00pm: A&S Pavillion
    Split-Darning / Braiding
    Fee: $5.00 cash for supplies


  • 12:00pm: Hardsuit Combat [Field]
  • 1:00pm: Lunch & Court at the Tavern
  • 2:30pm–4:00pm: A&S Pavillion
    Nordic Wire Weaving
    Fee: $5.00 cash for supplies
  • 3:00pm: Stick Horse & Tankard Race [Field]
  • 5:00pm: Dinner at the Tavern
  • 6:00pm: Evening Court at the Tavern
    (at the discretion of Their Majesties)


  • 7:00pm: Barmaids Competition
    directly after court (PG13)
  • 8:00pm: Tavern drinks (21+)
    100% ID checks for all wishing to drink alcohol
  • 9:00pm: Lightsaber Demo [Field]



Gate Closes

  • 7:00am–10:00am: Breakfast at the Tavern
  • 9:00am: Morning Court at the Tavern
    (at the discretion of Their Majesties)
  • 10:00am: Pack-up Camping
  • 11:00am: Teardown Site
  • 12:00pm: OFF SITE


The Hospitality Tavern Menu

~ Alcoholic Drinks ~

There is a 100% ID check for every person wishing to drink alcohol from the Tavern.
No exceptions please! And thank you for your understanding!

~ Saturday Menu ~

Get your food tokens at the Gate!
Vegetarians: All foods are cooked separately from the meats. Food is combined by each guest according to their preferences!

* * *



These 2 wraps are a delicious and satisfying meal fit for a wealthy and powerful nobleman. It features tender grilled chicken, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and your choice of dipping sauce, wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

* * *





Jewelry Display with handmade works displayed on black velvet neck forms, earring holders, and ring holders. Rings, Necklaces, and Earrings are shown with silver wire weaving and beads.

Celtic Mist

Celtic Mist will have handmade, period-inspired jewelry. Fine and sterling silver enhanced with lapis, amethyst, carnelian, etc. Necklaces, pendants, and rings based on extant pieces from the Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon, Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern regions, as well as other areas.


Image of a vendor stall tables draped in black table cloth, and hanging red fabric on the walls / sides of the tent. Wares include leather hand crafted belts and pouches, fur trimmed hats, and other hand-made accessories.

Aurora’s creations

Selling hand crafted belts, pouches, satchels and other leather accessories. Viking jewelry, swag necklaces, brooches, and penannulars. Embroidered wool hats, trimmed in fur.


Field Activity Descriptions



Opens: Friday 1pm & Saturday 10am
Where: Archery Range
Marshals: – – (Archery) & Lord George (Thrown)

Relax and hone your skills! Come shoot at targets and throw knives and axes!

For questions or more information, contact our Marshals, or find them at the Field!



When: Saturday 10:00am
Where: the Field
Marshal: Lord Nikolaus Gerhart

First, armor inspections, make it through the 30min practice. Weapons will be determined by populace or Marshall. Then we have competitions for best duelist, best dead, and wacky weapons!

For questions or more information, contact our Rapier Marshal, or find him at the Field!



When: Saturday 12:00pm
Where: the Field
Marshal: Master Taka-Kensei and Master Heinrich

Armor inspections followed by scenarios!

For questions or more information, contact our Hardsuit Marshals, or find them at the Field!



Five Stick Horses or Hobby Horses leaning up against a fence outdoors on the grass

Stick Horse & tankard Race

“Friends don’t let friends drive their horses drunk…then again, where’s the fun in that!?”

When: Saturday 3:00pm
Where: the Field
Who: Skaði Addæson

Join us outside the Tavern as we compete in a relay race — to get the booze (water) from the keg to the pitcher using ONLY your tankard!

Oh, did I mention you’re running on a stick horse? This will be a paired event, so come with a friend! Or expect to be partnered up! Teams will race one at a time, and the team with the fastest time WINS. We have all the equipment you need, but feel free to bring your own stick horse if you would like. You WILL get wet, so please wear garb that you don’t mind getting soggy!!


image at night of the back of a girl's head, hair in a pony tail, holding a light saber as if about to dual

Night of LightS(abers)

When: Saturday 9:00pm
Where: the Field

After the sun sets, the lights of sabers will rise!

The Company of the Sable Blades—with the permission of the Baron and Baroness of the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus—will hold a Lightsaber Exhibition Tournament!

All interested are welcome to participate in duels with weapons from a galaxy far, far away…

The Company will have a number of sparring sabers for loan, both youth and adult. Participants are encouraged to bring their own combat-ready sabers.

  • Fencing masks and plastic / foam hand protection are required to participate.
  • The Company will have a limited amount to loan for those who can’t provide their own.
  • Additional padded or plastic protection is up to the participants.
  • No metal armor or shields.


A&S Activity Descriptions


A&S Display

Where: A&S Table at the Pavillion
When: Submit items to me before 10am Saturday
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady LeiAnne

We will host an A&S Display Section (no competition). Bring to me your item for display + a small tag or card telling what your A&S item is, and we will set it up!


Where: A&S Table at the Pavillion
When: All Day Saturday
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady LeiAnne

Bring six of your pretties to add to our Largesse Coffers*! Come by and vote on your favorite Largesse items. The Populace Winner will get to choose one item as a prize!

Learn more about Largesse Derbies.



Image of grid paper on a green cloth, showing Celtic knot drawings and methods to create them.

Easy method to Drawing Celtic Knots

When: Saturday 9:00am–10:30am
Where: A&S Pavillion
Who: Lady Lebaseeta Kristos Dawid

Confounded by Celtic knots?

Learn a sure-fire technique to add a bit of Celtic flair to your scrolls and other projects!


6 gold-colored penannular brooches scattered on a green cloth. these are handmade from a long thin rod of metal, twisted into a spring like a safety pin on one end, and fastens closed on the other. There is a curved side and a straight side that comes to a point, made to pin to clothing, and can be wrapped around the end of the curved side.

making penannular brooches

When: Saturday 10:30am–12:00am
Where: A&S Pavillion
Who: Master Seamus Sinclair de Ronsard

Join me to create an ancient safety pin, called a Penannular Brooch or Fibula. You will create a fibula from a single piece of brass rod. There will be some tools available for people to use.

If you have any of the tools listed below, please bring them with you to the class:

  • an average size hammer
  • table anvil
  • round needle nose pliers
  • normal pliers


Three images of red and blue woven / braided strips (using ply thread) used for trim or belts, etc, in medieval times.

Split-Darning / Braiding

When: Saturday 11:30am–1:00pm
Where: A&S Pavillion
Fee: $5 for take-home supplies
Who: Lady Ambra Renee de Passais

This is a very ancient style of loom weaving, remaining continuously in use from prehistoric through today! It’s easy to see how this evolved into back-strap loom weaving, as well as warp weighted looms with inline woven ply split strips/borders, and card woven strips.

Ply split darning/braiding is perfectly portable requiring twined cordage and a needle. It makes incredibly strong, narrow trims, belts, and lacing and is a most basic patterned, decorative flat rope-making technique.

Can’t wait to see you in my class!

Supplies: Needles/Specialty Needles will be provided as part of the $5 class fee (with additional needles available for purchase).


4 images in a gallery showing stages of a Nordic wire weaving technique to make necklaces. A chain (2nd picture) is created on a metal tube or mandrel (1st picture), then fed through a draw plate. 3rd and 4th pictures are the finished chain, displayed on a black velvet jewelry neck form. The 3rd image shows the back with a twisted wire hook closure.

norse Wire Weaving

When: Saturday 2:00pm–3:30pm
Where: A&S Pavillion
Fee: None, but donations are accepted (take-home supplies will be provided)
Class limit: 8 people
Who: Lady Musa Sunnifa

I will teach how to create a wire-woven chain, using a mandrel (tube), thin wire, a pin, pliers, and a drawplate. I’ll also show a couple methods for adding endings and clasps so the chains can be made for jewelry. Each class participant will create a short chain to take with them. I will also briefly discuss historical evidence for wire weaving.

No fee is required, but donations are appreciated. Class includes a handout and a kit with a mandrel, two colors of thin wire, a safety pin, and a draw-plate.


Event Details

Date & Time

Site Opens:    Friday, April 28 at Noon
Site Closes:    Sunday, April 30 at Noon

Everything MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE PROPERTY before Noon, Sunday.


Gate Hours

Friday:       12:00 pm–8:00 pm
Saturday:   8:00 am–8:00 pm



Elgin Airstrip Group Site, Empire Ranch, Sonoita Arizona
GPS Coordinates:  31.793290, -110.627401

Directions from Sierra Vista:

  • Starting at Hwy 90 toward Interstate I-10, turn LEFT onto Hwy 82
  • Head NORTH (RIGHT) on State Highway 83
  • Near milepost 40, TURN EAST onto the Empire Ranch entrance
  • Camping is at the Airstrip Group Site

Directions from Tucson:

  • Go EAST on I-10 and EXIT at Route 83 (scenic highway)
  • Proceed SOUTH on Route 83
    • (approximately 18 miles to the paved road on your left, between mile post 40 and 39, watch for brown Historic Empire)
  • Ranch sign on the RIGHT SIDE of the highway
  • Turn EAST (LEFT) onto the paved road and follow for 3 miles to the Empire Ranch House on your left
  • Follow the SCA white signs to the campgrounds



RV parking available at no additional cost

  • Site is discretely wet, no glass please
  • Dry RV camping
  • Pets allowed on a hand-held leash with owners responsible for waste pickup 
  • Above ground fires allowed (depending on fire conditions)
  • Roads
    • Roads to the site are unpaved
    • The main road to the Empire Ranch headquarters is well-maintained and suitable for passenger cars and RVs
  • Nearest hospital is in Sierra Vista
  • Water:
    • Bring a mug for drinking water available at the Hospitality Tavern!
    • No other potable water is available at the site otherwise.
    • We suggest bringing water for the weekend as well!
  • Please pack out all trash!
  • Everything MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE PROPERTY before Noon, Sunday.


Event Fees

CLOSED – Click here to Pre-Register for Barmaids 2023! – CLOSED

Tips about the Registration form:

  • This is a Google Form
  • Comma separate names in the form if you list multiple adults or children
  • You’ll pay via a PayPal Payment
  • Wait about a day for your email to the PayPal link
  • Contact our Event Steward if you have questions!

Pre-Registration – closed

  • $25 SCA Adult
  • $30 Non-SCA Adult
  • $0 Youth (under 18)
  • CLOSED March 27th

Online registration – closed

  • $30 SCA Adult
  • $35 Non-SCA Adult
  • $0 Youth (under 18)
  • CLOSED April 24th

Pay at Gate (Cash Only)

  • $30 SCA Adult
  • $35 Non-SCA Adult
  • $0 Youth (under 18)




Prior to the event: Please email our Event Steward for questions or more information not seen above! You can also post questions to our group’s Facebook page, and someone should be able to assist you.

Event Steward

Lord Nicholó de Santi (


Mistress Aurora de Ivory O.L. (
You may also reach me via Messenger, contact Dawn Perry-Hardin


Marshals & A&S Contacts

Archery Marshal

Master Beto – Maestro Roberto Raymondo de la Montana del Trueno – (
Lord Zagan (

Thrown Weapons Marshal

Lord George (

Rapier Marshal

Lord Nikolaus Gerhart (

hardsuit Marshals

Master Taka-Kensei (
Master Heinrich


Lady Eiwa-Kensai and Master Taka Kensei

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady LeiAnne (

*Largesse are generally small gifts and tokens of appreciation given by Barons and Baronesses, Kings and Queens, etc. to show appreciation for something. Largesse can take many forms—it might be a coif, or a needle book, or jewelry, etc. Whatever the artisan wants to make pretty much! Largesse Derbies are a good way to help collect items for use as Largesse. Each entrant gives a set of same or like items (in this case 6), and populace members vote for their favorite entry. The winner of the derby gets to choose a prize from one of the other entrants!


Digital Painting of a two-story run-down building, like a wooden shack, set within a city, dirt road, in a medieval setting.