Calling BMMT Champions Event Bids!

Hail Good Ladies and Gentles of Mons Tonitrus!

It’s that time where we gather to celebrate the Champions in our Barony in both the practices of Peace and War!

This is our formal ask for BIDS from those in our populous willing to Autocrat and lead this fun event!

All interested parties will need to complete the Kingdom Event Bid sheet (click below) and either hand your completed form to our Exchequer, Lady Kattra, or email it to the Exchequer’s Office at

Send your completed form NO LATER than Sunday May 14th, 2023.

The Baronial Financial Committee (BFC) will then meet the week of May 15th to review and award the bid to the lucky recipient in an open meeting to the populous! Those results will be posted for members to read again soon after.

Are you ready to Answer the Call? Bring that A-Game and get your bids in today!

In Service to The Dream,

Lady Keterlin (Kattra) die Fledermaus
Office of Exchequer |