Mace and Great Sword 2023

Ball Club - an Eagle Claw Ball Club - a Native American club with a carved Eagle Claw wrapped around a ball at the end.


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A&S Derby


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!! the Mons Tonitrus anniversary MACE AND GREAT SWORD EVENT returns !!

Thirty-four years ago, from the mighty Huachuca Mountains rose the Guardians of the Southernmost reaches of Atenveldt!

At the close of August we will once again gather in celebration of another year with our chosen family – camping in the shady trees of the Lower Garden Canyon on Fort Huachuca!

We will hold our traditional Armored and Rapier tournaments, with an additional twist for the populace of Mons Tonitrus and Vallis Aeris!

Mace & Greatsword is a mass weapons only tournament – in which the overall victor receives a prize mace to add to their personal armory. This year’s prize is a beautiful Native American Eagle Claw Ball Club.  Based on examples from the Great Lakes and Eastern Woodlands, it is truly a weapon worthy of an esteemed warrior!

Along with vying for the lovely prize, populace members from Mons Tonitrus and Vallis Aeris may declare for the honor of being the Baroness’ Armored Combat Champion, being the first to carry the maul, Rumble, as an outward symbol of their new station!

The Ninth Annual Longsword tournament is a Cut & Thrust sword-in-two-hands only tournament – in which the overall victor receives a functional cutting longsword! The overall victor is then responsible for running and acquiring the following year’s tournament and prize! This year, Mons Tonitrus and Vallis Aeris populace will also be competing for the honor of being the first ever, Baron’s Cut & Thrust Champion!

There’s more!

Along with A&S classes, Youth Fighting, Archery, and Thrown Weapons activities…

Refreshments will be available at the Atenveldt Brewer’s Guild tent, culminating in a weiner roast, and s’more building competition Saturday night around the Mons Tonitrus fire pit!

NOTE: You must have a Visitors Access pass from Fort Huachuca to attend – and as a Military Installation, Fort Huachuca prohibits Drugs and Firearms from entering the installation, regardless of state legality. See Site Info for details about getting your pass, and about the campsite!



Click here to Pre-Register.
MEMBERS: remember to add your membership number and expiration date with your name!

Site Fees
Pre-Registration Fees:
Camping Adult Member – $20
Camping Adult Non-member – $25
Pay at Gate:
Camping Adult Member – $25
Camping Adult Non-member – $30
One Day Only – Pay at Gate:
Day Trip – Adult Member – $15
Day Trip – Adult Non-member -$20
Youth (under 18) – Free

Event Details

Date & Time
SITE OPENS: Friday, August 25th @ 2:00pm
SITE CLOSES: Sunday, August 27th @ 5:00pm

Site Location
Lower Garden Canyon, Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista AZ.
NOTE: You must have a Visitors Access pass from Fort Huachuca, see Site Info for more.



  • 2:00 pm: Site opens
  • 5:00 pm: Welcome & Announcements
*Bring Largess items to the A&S Largess Derby table! Details below.
  • 9:00 am: Morning Court ~ Baronial Anniversary Celebration Begins!
    • Following Court: Longsword Tournament and Archery Prize Shoot
      • Cut and thrust style tournament – with longswords!
      • Come check out the Archery shoot!
    • Recess
    • Mace and Greatsword tournament
      • Armored combat mass weapons tournament.
  • Afternoon Court when tournaments finish!
    • After:
    • Wiener Dog Roast
    • S’mores Competition: looking for EXTRAVAGANT s’mores! Materials will be provided, and a Prize for the winner.
  • 5:00 pm: Site Closes – Pack out all trash, must be off site before or by 5pm.


A&S Derby

WHAT: Bring 3 items for Kingdom and 3 items for our Barony.
WHEN: Entries accepted until half an hour before afternoon court on Saturday.
WHERE: Visit the Mons A&S Table and see Lady Lebaseeta.
JUDGING: The Baron’s A&S Champion will choose the winning entry!

Kind gentles, both our Kingdom and our Barony have been busy this season and the largesse coffers are running empty. Hereto, your A&S officers call for a double derby for Mace and Great Sword. Get out your crafting tools and prepare for a derby like none other!

THREE will be the magic number!

Please submit three items for Kingdom and three items for our Barony. Packaged separately for safe delivery. The Baron’s A&S Chanpion will choose the winning entry. The derby WINNER will choose one item from the offered largesse and receive two ‘thank you favors’ from the A&S officers.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Lady Lebaseeta Kristos Dawit (aka Ibsittu, Celeste Blackwell via Facebook Messenger).


Site Location & Info

Site Location
You must have a Visitors Access pass from Fort Huachuca to attend. Due to Visitor Center hours and their fluctuating wait times, we suggest you do not wait until the day of the Event to try and get your pass. Follow the Link for more information on getting Visitor Access:


  • Site is located on a Military Installation, and as such, federal laws and regulations are fully in effect.  Drugs and Firearms are prohibited from being brought on the installation regardless of state legality.
  • NO PARKING on the grass. Vehicles must be on the gravel driveway loop.
  • Campsites are across the “river”. ADA campsites are in the grass surrounded by the gravel driveway.
  • No parking at the campsites across the “river” at any time.
  • Propane combustion only. NO open fires (camp fires).
  • Stay hydrated! No potable water is on site.
  • You must remove all trash from your campsite. Dumpsters are located at the nearby Sportsman’s Center on base for your disposal.
  • NO destroying, defacing, or removing of any natural surroundings, signs, structures, or plant life.

Directions Using the Van Deman Gate (hours 8am-8pm)
**closer for those traveling from the Tucson direction

  1. Head south on AZ-90 (signs for Ft Huachuca/Sierra Vista)
  2. Turn right on Hatfield St (Van Deman Gate)
  3. Left turn on Irwin St
  4. Right turn onto Squier Ave (one way)
  5. Turn right on the 4th exit of the round-about, onto Windrow Ave.
  6. Continue straight crossing Allison Rd, then stay right past Range Control
  7. Continue to Garden Canyon Rd.
  8. Watch for SCA event signs!

Directions Using Buffalo Soldier Gate (hours 24/7)
**this Gate is off of Frye Blvd. and Buffalo Soldier in Sierra Vista

  1. Slight right onto Squier Ave (one way)
  2. Turn right on the 4th exit of the round-about, onto Windrow Ave.
  3. Continue straight crossing Allison Rd, then stay right past Range Control
  4. Continue to Garden Canyon Rd.
  5. Watch for SCA event signs!


Steward Info

Eiwa Kensai

Ekikabe Yukiko-san