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Fri – A&S Board Games

Fri – Night Lightsaber Demo

Sat – Fighting Activities

Sat & Sun – Target Range Activities

Sat – Brewing Competition

Sat – Feast Menu

Sat – Merchants

Sat – A&S Largesse Derby

Sat – A&S Activities

Sat – Wind-chime Tournament

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~ Thank you to the wonderful members of Atenveldt for taking and sharing beautiful photographs! ~

Welcome to the Mons Tonitrus baronial anniversary…

This year, we invite the nobility, populace, and peers of Atenveldt to participate in a full-weekend camping event with the folks down in Mons, at Empire Ranch in Sonoita!

We are proud that MANY wonderful things are happening at this event! Amongst Their Royal Majesties’ plans for holding two circles, we are honored with being chosen for a MOD elevation for Arion the Falcon as well! Come show your support at his vigil Friday night, and his elevation ceremony Saturday morning!

This site accommodates dry RV parking, with PLENTY of RV and parking spaces, plenty of camping spaces, and staking and above-ground fires! We will have Porta-pots conveniently located throughout the event, with ADA accommodations not only for restrooms, but for parking and camping as well!

We are planning a wonderful Mediterranean Feast (with Bardic performances, and a BONUS competition, read below!), our traditional Mace Tournament & Cut and Thrust Tournament (held separately), Target Range Activities (OOH!), a Youth Activity (AHH!), Merchanting (PRETTY!!), a Kingdom-focused Largesse Derby, A&S and Bardic activities,

and ….

There are whispers

SO EVERYONE! Read on about our VERY reasonable fees for both the weekend AND for Feast!!

Check out the Pre-Reg link here – and for details below about our Tournaments, Feast, and more!

Click here to Pre-Register!

NOTE: once you submit the form – after a few days you should receive a PayPal link, via the email you used in the form, to PAY for the event in order to be officially pre-registered. Please be patient, check spam folders, and feel free to follow up if a week goes by and you have not yet received the link.

Adult Member – $20
Adult Non-member – $30
Youth (under 18) – FREE
Feast Fee (Adults and Youth) – $15
– 100 plates available! Sign up before they’re gone!

Adult Member – $25
Adult Non-member – $35
Youth (under 18) – FREE

First Time SCA Attendees – Free at Gate

NOTE: This schedule is under construction! Updates to this post AND on Facebook will follow!

SITE OPENS: Friday, August 16th – 11:00 am
SITE CLOSES: Sunday, August 18th – 5:00 pm

*Bring Largesse items to the A&S Largesse Derby table! Details below.

  • Morning: Opening Court
    • ~ at their Majesties’ & Excellencies’ Leisure!
  • Following Court:
  • Wind-chime Tourney (following the fighting tournaments)
    • Parents / Guardians must accompany minors
    • Open to all!
  • Largesse Derby closes (following the Wind-chime Tourney)
  • Afternoon Court (Following the Tournaments)
    • ~ at their Majesties’ & Excellencies’ Leisure!
    • Winners of the Tournaments Announced!
    • Winners of the Largesse Derby Announced!
  • Feast
    • See our Feast Menu below!
    • Come enjoy ambient Bardic music and performances!
    • Participate in the Hearldic Feast Competition! (details below)
  • Morning: Archery Range opens
    • Join us for a fun shoot! (more info coming soon)
  • 3:00 pm: Site Closes
    • Pack out all trash! Must be OFF SITE by 3:00 pm!

More information coming soon!

Come on by the A&S tent if you’re with us on Friday!

Play either period or anachronistic board games, over at the A&S pavillion!

More information coming soon!


  • NO authorization required BUT a rapier authorization is a bonus!
  • We require rapier minimum safety gear to participate.

ANY Armored Combat and Cut & Thrust authorized fighter may participate in our Mace and Longsword Tournaments for the Prize Items!

*Mons Participants wishing to declare for a championship title will do so before the tournament begins at the list table.

The WINNER of the Armored Combat Tournament will walk away with a Prize Mace, and can be ANYONE from Atenveldt or beyond!

The WINNER of the Cut & Thrust Tournament will walk away with a Prize Longsword, and can be ANYONE from Atenveldt or beyond!

This Champion for the Queen’s Armored Combat Title will be chosen from amongst the highest performing (declared) Mons Armored Combat Fighter! They will then carry the regalia Mace, and stand behind the Mons Thrones during events they attend!

This Champion for the Barony’s Cut & Thrust Title will be chosen from amongst the highest performing (declared) Mons Cut & Thrust Fighter! They will then carry the regalia Longsword, and stand behind the Mons Thrones during events they attend!

(following Morning Court)

Revenge of the Cuteness!

Archers of Atenveldt are hereby called upon to help defend the borders of Mons Tonitrus from the horrible hoard of CUTENESS, returning from last year’s Mace and Greatsword archery shoot!

Come save the Barony from the terrible cuddly onslaught!

Thrown Weapons Range will also be open for casual throwing!

8am – 11am

Archery shooting to take place Sunday morning!

On Saturday we will host TWO COMPETITIONS with prizes for each, sponsored by Sir Domagnev Volkovich with the Brewers Guild of Atenveldt

As we all know … the Atenveldt Summer is long and requires refreshing drinks!

  1. The first competition is for those who wish to try their hand at an alcoholic beverage. The drink is a Strawberry Blonde Ale that must contain ALL of the following ingredients! ~ How you wish to use them in your process, and how much, is up to you! ~
    • Strawberry Blonde Ale
    • 2-row
    • Crystal 20l
    • Citra hops
    • Cascade hops
    • Strawberries
    • US-05 yeast
  2. But the Brewers Guild is not only for those who make alcoholic choices! It also seeks something refreshing for EVERYONE, and so the second competition is for a non-alcoholic drink that showcases ORANGES. (For example, sodas.)

If you would like to sign up, or have questions, please message me, Ryan Sheppard, on Facebook or email at

(We welcome day-of signups as well!)

Happy Making!

COST: Purchase your Feast plate, at $15 per person (all ages), on the Pre-Registration form! We have 100 plates available!

Our Feast Steward and Co-Steward are the wonderfully talented: Lord Nicolò di Santi, and Madame Mariette Dominique du Beau!

A table, a chair, and your feast gear of course!

  • Hummus & Pita Bread
  • Couscous
  • Greek Salad
  • Mediterranean Kababs
    (Options: beef/lamb, chicken, jackfruit, soy)
  • Baklava Rice pudding

During our wonderful Feast, we have Bardic music and performances planned by our very own Bard of Thunder, Lady Arian Niwl!

Populace members and nobility of Atenveldt are invited to bring out your BEST in a heraldic place setting competition for a prize! This is a special chance to show off your heraldry at your feast table, and share with others on how to create a display for a fun feast setting!

More information coming soon!

Our Merchant Steward is Maistreas Fiona!

Our Kingdom is in need of Largesse, and we are answering their call!

We are asking that anyone interested in donating Largesse to our fair Kingdom, bring THREE wonderful items for a Largesse Derby competition, where the Derby winner will choose one item from the Largesse offerings!

For more ideas, check out either Largesse Makers or SCA Largesse on Facebook!

Be sure your items are:

  • Labeled with a description and your name
  • Durable and unaffected by heat.
  • Suitable to present to Crowns and Coronets of foreign lands
  • Small enough to pack and to go on a plane. This also applies to gift containers.
  • NOTE: Scented items must include an ingredients list and be packaged in sealed zip-loc bags. This will allow us to screen for allergies, prevent cross contamination of items, and maintain the condition of the largess.

Contact our A&S Minister, Lady Lebaseeta,

More information coming soon!

Along with the Largesse Derby on Saturday, we are planning both A&S Displays and Demos for the day!

Contact our A&S Minister if you would like to Demo or Display your arts and sciences!

~ Known by some as Bells and Pillows, this competition for fun takes place after the Mace and Great Sword tourneys ~


Youth ages 6-17 (regardless of combat type or skill level) are welcome! Adults may also participate in this fun-for-all activity!! Divisions will be determined by number and age of youth that show up. Depending on time an adult division or mixed division may happen.


Two combatants will enter the eric and be blind folded. A loud wind chime will be affixed to the waist of each fighter and they will be given a pillow. At “LAY ON!” combatants attempt to defeat their opponent by hitting the head or rump with their ‘weapon’.

!!!Prizes will be awarded for top fighters as well as most entertaining!!!


  • Parents / Guardians must be present.
  • Participants are NOT required to be fighter authorized.
  • Youth Marshal will be present.

Run by Don Arion the Falcon and My Lady Alana Renard!!

Empire Ranch
16655 East Empire Ranch Road, Sonoita, AZ. 85637

(Elgin Airstrip Group Site, Empire Ranch, Sonoita Arizona)
GPS Coordinates:  31.793290, -110.627401

  • Site is discretely wet.
  • Restrooms:
    • Porta-Potties will be available throughout the site! Hand-washing stations and ADA Porta-potties will also be available throughout the site!
    • Trash receptacles near the Porta-potties are for hand-washing station garbage ONLY!! Please AVOID using them for your trash! Water bottles or small wrappers may be an exception.
    • NO USING THE STONE PRIVIES ON THE SITE (they are far from the main event anyway, and should be locked up as they are not meant for our event).
  • Parking:
    • DRY RV parking is available!
    • NO PARKING in camp during the event. Vehicles may drive to camp and drop off camp gear for setup, then MUST drive them around to the parking area (directions available at Gate).
    • AVOID parking on grass when visiting Gate, or setting up camp whenever possible.
    • ADA attendees WILL be allowed to park near Gate, and setup their camps near the event!
  • Camping:
    • Camping sites are landgrab in the camping area – pick a spot at your pleasure! First come, first serve!
    • Merchants may camp with their setup.
    • Above ground fires ONLY.
    • ALL camps MUST have a fire extinguisher with their tent, and an extra near their above ground campfire if they are using a fire.
  • Stay hydrated! No potable water is on site.
  • You must collect your own trash AND remove all trash from your campsite. PLEASE AVOID using the trashes near the Porta potties. A Dumpster will be located within the site’s entrance for packed up trash disposal.
  • NO destroying, defacing, or removing of any natural surroundings, signs, structures, or plant life.
  1. Go EAST on I-10 and EXIT at Route 83 (scenic highway)
  2. Proceed SOUTH on Route 83
    • (approximately 18 miles to the paved road on your left, between mile post 40 and 39, watch for brown Historic Empire)
  3. Ranch sign on the RIGHT SIDE of the highway
  4. Turn EAST (LEFT) onto the paved road and follow for 3 miles to the Empire Ranch House on your left
  5. Follow the SCA white signs to the campgrounds
  1. Starting at Hwy 90 toward Interstate I-10, turn LEFT onto Hwy 82
  2. Head NORTH (RIGHT) on State Highway 83
  3. Near milepost 40, TURN EAST onto the Empire Ranch entrance
  4. Camping is at the Airstrip Group Site

More information coming soon!

  • Main: Lord Nicolò di Santi
  • Co: Madame Mariette Dominique du Beau