Within the Society for Creative Anachronism are 19 Kingdoms, and within each of those Kingdoms are a variety of groups. Those groups range from Principalities to Baronies, Marches, Shires, Colleges, Cantons, Ridings, Strongholds, and Ports. In Anno Societatus (AS) XVIII (1983) we became the the March of Mons Tonitrus in the Kingdom of Atenveldt.

We became a Barony in AS XXIV (1989), and the name officially changed to Barony of Mons Tonitrus. The Founding Baron and Baroness, Uchdred and Constance, assumed their office on August 26, 1989. Uchdred stepped down and Alwyn became the second Baron on June 20, 1987. Alwyn and Constance stepped down on April 26, 1992 when Morgan and Angelica became the next Baron and Baroness over these lands. On April 23, 1995 Baron Duncan and and Baroness Moire were invested and reigned until Philip and Selina assumed the office on December 13, 1997. Then on August 26, 2000 came the investiture of Odinel and Judith as the next Baron and Baroness. Followed by Seamus and Gwenllian when they assumed the Coronet on August 25, 2002, followed by Charles and Christine on August 27, 2005. Then Barons and Baronesses Egan and Meadhbh stepped up on August 30, 2008 and Heinrich and Juliana accepted the crown on August 21, 2010. Baron and Baroness Finnian and Brigit took the thrones on August 24, 2013 and stepped down Aug 20th, 2016. Then Karl and Samara stepped up and reigned until September 7th, 2019. For the first time in our baronial history we have 2 baronesses stepping up on September 7th 2019. They are THL Marietta and Lady Illaria (Mother and Daughter).

Over time, several devices and badges were registered for the Barony. A device associated with the Barony itself was registered in November 1986, its description is argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert between a pile in bend and another in bend sinister and in base three chevronels braced, all sable. It is our official symbol and can be seen at the top of this page, it can also be used without the wreath by anyone. With the wreath it is a symbol of the Crown and Coronets, and its use represents the Coronets of the Barony of Mons Tonitrus.

A populous badge associated with Mons Tonitrus was registered in November 1987, described as argent, a pile inverted sable, surmounted by a chevron inverted counterchanged. This is often unofficially refered to as “the flying nun,” and is available for use by the entire populace. In January 1992 the Baronial Ensign was registered, it is argent, a thunderbolt sable, and a tierce vert.

In 1989 the Order of the Sable Chevronels to recognize service and sacrifice, Order of the Sable Harps for those working in medieval arts & sciences, Order of the Silver Morion to recognize light fighters, and Order of the Silver Thunderbolt to recognize heavy fighters. At the same time the Order of the Guardians of the Saguaro was also created, for those displaying exceptional courtesy and grace. Shortly after that, the Order of the Defenders of Mons Tonitrus was made to recognize the past Barons and Baronesses and their sacrifices for the Barony.

In 2000 the Ordo Stellae Argenteae was created to recognize the youth and their contributions to the current middle ages. In 2003 the Order of the Sable Arrows was added to acknowledge archery skills.

Additionally, there are badges for Baronial champions. The Baron’s (heavy fighter) Champion (quarterly argent and sable, a thunderbolt counterchanged within a bordure vert), Baroness’ (light fighter) Champion (quarterly vert and argent, a thunderbolt counterchanged and a bordure sable), Archery Champion (quarterly vert and argent, a thunderbolt counterchanged argent and sable and a bordure counterchanged), and Arts & Sciences Champion (per chevron through argent and vert, two harps sable and a fleur-de-lys argent).

(badge quarterly argent and sable, a thunderbolt with a bordure counterchanged)

The Barony of Mons Tonitrus is located in Cochise County, Arizona. Depending on the documents you read, the founding of the March of Mons Tonitrus could be in March at Coronet Tourney, Spring of ’86, or September 1986 (founding date and official date per Kingdom Seneschal’s December 1995 report)

The first of a series of Mace and Great Sword Tournaments was held on August 27, 1988 at the Sierra Vista Community Center and the City Park.

The Second Annual Mace and Great Sword Tourney was fought on Saturday, August 26, 1989. It was also the Investiture of the Founding Baron and Baroness, Lord Uchdred of Danglemire and Baroness Constance d’Orleans. The site was the Sierra Vista City Park.

The first Baronial Champion Tourney was held on Sunday, October 29, 1989 at Keller Park in Wilcox, AZ.

The Third Annual Mace and Great Sword Tourney was fought on the first anniversary of the Barony of Mons Tonitrus. This was a shieldless tourney. Fighters fought great sword, mace Florentine, and single mace for the honor of winning a French flanged mace. The competition took place on August 25, 1990, in the Sierra Vista City Park.

The Third Anniversary and fifth Mace and Great Sword Tourney took place on September 5-6, 1992, at Sierra Vista Veteran’s Memorial Park. The fighting activities were limited to mace and great sword. On Sunday the Barony held a Weapon’s Tourney to select the next Baronial Champion.

The Mace and Great Sword Tourney was hosted again on August 27, 1994. The event was a heavy weapons, shieldless tourney with weapon forms restricted to single mace, mace florentine, great sword, mace with great sword inverted, and single mace in the off hand. The prize for the tourney was a beautiful French Gothic flanged mace. The site for the event was Veteran’s Memorial Park in Sierra Vista.

Baronial Investiture April 23, 1995, at Murr Community Center of Fort Huachuca
Mace and Great Sword Tourney August 26, 1995, Rancho Los Robles, Sonoita
Baronial Anniversary August 27, 1995, Fort Huachuca