Heralds in the Society for Creative Anachronism have many jobs. We are fondly called book heralds, helping to research period naming and armorial practices for the registration of names and armory for the populace. We are voice heralds, calling announcements, proclaiming who is fighting upon the field, and acting as the voice of nobility in court. We are protocol heralds, recording awards and honors bestowed, drafting ceremonies, and determining precedence and other period legal niceties in all sorts of situations. We also work closely with our good friends in the College of Scribes, whose art and artistry with pen and brush make what we do beautiful. Anyone can be a herald. You can be a herald!

Here are some useful links to some of the things you might want to know about

Several articles and documents answering common questions and providing commonly needed forms and letters;
The documents that guide the College, such as the Administrative Handbook for submissions procedures and heraldic officers, and the Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA) for name and armory registration;
Links to several areas of accumulated data of concern to the operation of the College, such as the Letters of Acceptance and Return (LoARs), collected precedents set by past rulings, and the Ordinary and Armorial, a database of all registered names and armory;
Many articles on the topics of names, armory and voice heraldry, reproduced here by permission of the authors;
A description of the various Society-level heraldic offices, as well as information for Principal Heralds, and information for heralds interesting in consulting or commenting;
Contact information for the Society-level heraldic officers, links to the heraldic sites of the various Kingdoms, mailing lists and other links of heraldic interest;
The Known World Heraldic Symposium, an annual conference for SCA heralds the world over;
The Online System for Commentary And Response, a web-based application for heralds to review and comment on submissions of names and heraldry for registration;
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The present Laurel Queen of Arms is:

Dame Juliana de Luna
mka Julia Smith

Contact information for the other Sovereigns of Arms as well as other officers can be found in the Links area.