Kingdom 12th Night

For those of us who have been eagerly awaiting Kingdom 12th Night, here’s the information:

“In Celebration of this Wintertide, On the Last day of the Twelve Nights, the Sixth Day of January, Anno Societatus LII, being the common year 2018, Dear Atenveldt, join us for an evening of revelry and merriment for Our Kingdom’s Twelfth Night and the 45th Anniversary of the Gem of Atenveldt, The Mighty Barony of Tir Ysgithr

All those in attendance are encouraged to wear garb in the shared livery of our Kingdom and of Tir Ysgithr.  Blue and Gold are colors of power.  Blue and Gold are colors of beauty.  Blue and Gold are the colors of our Dream.

Early in the Daytime there shall be a Fighters’ Collegium sponsored by His Excellency Count Brian Winterborn and his noble squire Lord Fergus mor mac Seáin.  A class list shall be made available from these good gentlemen closer to the event.  If you wish to teach, please contact Lord Fergus.

We shall gather at 5:30 PM on the clock to witness a Procession into Court of the entire present Populace. (Please see the heralds at gate to get your card for the Order of March)  Court with their Glorious Aten Majesties Marek and Golda will then commence and in honor of Their Barony’s Anniversary, Court of Their Excellencies Brendan and Tigra will take place as well.

We shall have a fine repast of smoked and roasted meats and roasted vegetables provided for all to enjoy a fine buffet meal. (Feast Gear is encouraged, but there will be some disposable plates and dining wear available in limited quantities)  For Dessert, we encourage all who wish to participate to bring a dessert to share and a prize shall be provided for the dessert determined to be the most delightful and delectable. Sideboard dining is a limited.

We invite Artisans from around the Kingdom to participate in a Queen’s Prize Artisans’ Showcase wherein Our Lovely Queen, Our Esteemed Laurels and Our Worthy Populace will all cast their ballots to determine the Queen’s Choice, Laurels’ Choice and Populace Choice.

Please come and view the history of one of the older baronies in the Known World.  The Society is 52 years old, Tir Ysgithr is 45.  There are many stories, pictures and memories to be shared, please be a part of our display.  Contact Viscountess Victoria for more information.

Toss the Duchess, The Korobuska, Rufty Tufty and Strip the Willow – Time honored favorites return to the dance floor led by none other than our Mistress Elaine and Sir Wulfere.  A full dance list will be made available before the event and dance class refereshers will be provided for those who wish to trip the light fantastic to the classics.

6245 E Bellevue Street, Tucson AZ  85712  located northeast of the Wilmot Road and Speedway Blvd intersection

Site opens at 4:00 PM


Site is $10 before a $5 member discount –  Children 17 and under are free
Feast is $10.00 for adults with no discount to be applied and $5 for children under 5-17
Site is discreetly damp
Any questions or for information not included in this missive, please contact Event Coordinator, Norah Rose Tenpenny  ladytenpenny”