This weekend: Kingdom Fighting Collegium and Southern War Practice!

Greetings, populace of Mons! This weekend brings two great fighting events for our martial members in the form of the Kingdom Fighting Collegium and the Southern War Practice. The locations are as follows (as per the Barony of Tyr Ysgithr):

“The steward for Kingdom Fighting Collegium was onsite today and verified that our normal reserved area (near the library) at Himmel Park is untouched by construction and ready for this awesome and informative event!

Southern War Practice, as stated in the event article, will be at Lincoln Park due to the soccer fields at Himmel Park undergoing repairs on the irrigation systems. Mistress Blossom has graciously posted maps of the site and the SCA directional signs will be up to point you in the right direction. This is a great site with tons of room to help us get ready to send the Outlands packing at Estrella this year!

Can’t wait to see everyone Saturday morning at our usual Himmel Park spot for classes, fighting, and an all-around educational day!”


If you are attending or interested in attending, here is the link for the Kingdom Fighting Collegium Facebook event. Don’t have Facebook? Here’s the information from the Kingdom of Atenveldt calendar:

“Saturday, January 6, 2018

Warriors of Atenveldt! Be you hard suit, rapier, or cut and thrust minded? Be you ready to gain knowledge and advance yourself in your chosen field(s) of combat? Then this is the day you have been waiting for! At 9am the morning of Kingdom 12th Night, we will gather on the fields of Himmel Park and sit under the wide branches of the learning tree. There will be classes all day. These classes will include practical, hands on teaching, and lecture formats. Bring your armor and weapons (yes, all of them!) and be prepared to use them! Work with instructors one on one in a learning environment! Get the feedback you have been dying to hear! Site Opens at 9am and closes no later than 3pm.
Registration: None. Their Majesties wish everyone to spend a day learning together!!

Location: Himmel Park 135 N. Treat Ave Tucson AZ

[mappress mapid=”9″]

Water is available
Restrooms are located near the tennis courts
Pets allowed on leashes and must be picked up after
Smoking is allowed but please be mindful of litter and others who do not smoke
The site is DRY
Staking of shades is allowed
No glass containers in city parks
There is playground equipment nearby where parents may take their children.
Please do not drive on the grass during set up and tear down.

Directions: If ye hail from the north, take I-10 to Speedway exit, proceed east and turn right on
Treat Ave. It is one block past Tucson Blvd.

Should ye muster from the south, take I-10 to Alvernon exit, and proceed north. Turn right left
on Speedway, then proceed west and turn left at Treat Ave (just past Country Club).

The park is one block south of Speedway, just past the library. Parking is available on the street
or in the parking lot to the west of the library.

Event Steward(s): Fergus Mór mac Seáin (Shane Swartzmiller) 520-272-4458 no calls after 9:00pm,
Count Brian Winterbourne (Brian Cole) 928-925-8933 no calls after 9:00pm, Brian Cole for armored combat and Master Simon Yoxall 602-386-6726 no calls after 9:00pm, for rapier and cut and thrust.”

What’s that, you say? You saw mention of Kingdom 12th Night? Why yes, that is Saturday as well! Fear not, there will be more information on that in another post 🙂

As for Southern War Practice, the Facebook event link is here and the event information from the Kingdom calendar is as follows:

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“Atenveldt! Your King calls you to War! Southern War Practice will be held at Lincoln Regional Park (Located at Escalante and Pantano). Site opens at 9:00am and close at 5:00pm. There will be a soup with a variety of soups. Donations for the soup kitchen will be coordinated by Lady Aysun (M.K.A. Hope Dorris) so hungry fighters do not have to leave site. So please contact her if you wish to make a contribution. Court and fighting will take place at Their Majesties’ discretion. Registration: There is no Registration Fee for this Event, however all attendees much check in with the waiver table. Location: Upper Lincoln Regional Park 4325 S Pantano Road, Tucson AZ We will be using the soccer fields. Water is available Pets allowed on leashes and must be picked up after Smoking is allowed but please be mindful of litter and others who do not smoke The site is discreetly wet Staking of shades is allowed, but please see the event steward before setting to ensure the needs of the list ministers are met No glass containers in city parks There is playground equipment onsite where parents may take their children Please do not drive on the grass during set up and tear down Directions: Coming from the North or the South, take I-10 to Kolb exit, proceed north and turn right on Escalante , proceed east and turn right on Pantano. Park is on the left. Event Stewarts: Lady Ketiley dreki tongue (Keli-Rene Sparks) 520-310-6481 no calls after 9:00pm, email Lady Aysun (Hope Dorris) 520-272-6561 no calls after 9:00pm, email”

Here is a map/diagram of the location for Sunday’s War Practice soup kitchen ramada:

And here is a map for Sunday’s fighting location:

It’s a full weekend, so be sure to rest up tonight so you’re ready to learn and train! Let’s show Outlands what Atenveldt–and Mons Tonitrus–are capable of!