The Kingdom’s 50th year – and Request for our Barony’s History

From the Viscountess Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale, OL,OP – a request for Baronial History

If you have answers to any of the questions below – Use the attached contact form at the end of this note.

Warmest greeting unto Your Excellencies, the landed Barons and Baronesses of this glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt; Baron Sir Nudd and Baroness Emelyn of Atenveldt, Baron Sir Brendan and Baroness Tigra of Tir Ysgithr, Baron Gefroi and Baroness Jacqueline of Sun Dragon, Baron Karl and Baroness Samara of Mons Tonitrus, Baron Seved and Baroness Tetinka of Twin Moons, Baron Robert and Baroness Kolfinna of Ered Sul, Vicar Conor de Carlton and Vicaress Caroline Marie de Fontenailles of Granite Mountain

For those who do not know me, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: I am Viscountess Victoria of the Vales of Barnsdale, OL, OP, and I am charged with the writing of the Kingdom’s history for 50th year.  I wrote the condensed version of Atenveldt’s history for the gate book for the Society’s 50th year Celebration.

The Kingdom’s 50th birthday is fast approaching and there is less than one year to pull together the Kingdom history for this momentous event.

I would not presume to write your Barony’s history. That task falls to the reigning nobility: You.  You may certainly choose to delegate this task to your Baronial seneschal, historian, or committee of your choosing. The important thing is putting into words the important aspects of the group history.

To aid you in this most precious task (and for the sake of continuity) for incorporating the Baronial histories into the overall Kingdom history, I have provided below a systematic listing of the most important points that should be included in your Baronial history.

They are broken down into the following categories:

Origin Story

  • Pre-history of your barony, were you a shire, canton, march, etc.? What is the first organizational meeting or event your group held? Did you modify your group name when your group achieved Baronial status?
  • What is the significance of the name for your Barony? How was it chosen? If applicable, what does the name mean or represent?
  • What is you Barony’s device? Please provide its heraldic blazon. What does the heraldry mean or represent?
  • Who were the original members and/or households responsible for forming the Barony?


  • Who are your founding Baron and Baroness?
  • Rolls of your Baronial Coronets. Dates and locations of investitures.
  • Have any of your Thegns and/or Bannthegns served as Baron and Baroness more than once?
  • Has your Barony ever had a Vicar and/or Vicaress, Regent, or been Crown Lands?


  • What was your first chartered Baronial award?
  • Which Baronial Coronets created it?
  • Who is the premier of your first award?
  • What awards have been created since the first, in chronological order, and by which Baronial coronet? Who are their premiers?


  • Baronial coronets: What was the name of the artisan who created them? Have multiple sets been created? Any other Baronial regalia that you find significant to mention?


  • What is your oldest printed newsletter? What is the name of the current newsletter (if applicable)?


  • What was your Barony’s first event?
  • What event has been repeatedly held and would be considered a traditional event(s)?

Arts and Sciences

  • Does your Barony hold an arts and sciences competition?
  • If so, who are your past and current A&S Champions?
  • Do you have a Bardic competition annually (separate from you’re A&S Competition]? If so, who is your past and current Bard?
  • Do you have a Youth Bardic completion? If so, who is your past and current Youth Bard?
  • Do you have any Baronial guilds?
  • Do you have (or have had) any performing groups (musical, instrumental, dance, etc.)?

Martial Arts

  • Has your Barony held a war within the Kingdom’s boundaries? Is it still being held?
  • Does your Barony have a Baronial Guard? If so, who are your past and current Captains of the Guard and Guardsman?
  • Does your Barony have a Rapier Guard and/or Champion? If so, who are your past and current Guards & Champions?
  • Does your Barony have an Archery and/or Thrown Weapons Champion? If so, who are your past and current Champions?
  • Does your Barony have a Youth Champion (in any of the categories above)? If so, who are your past and current Champions?


  • Does your Barony have a moniker or motto? If so, who created it and how does it represent your barony?
  • What makes your Barony unique and distinguishes it from any other Barony?
  • What was your Barony’s greatest challenge and how was it met?
  • Every Barony has members of the populace that have made huge contributions to the Barony and/or Kingdom at large. Who are they and what did they do?
  • Who was your Barony’s first Peer in each of the Peerages (KSCA, MSCA, Laurel, Pelican, Master of Defense, and Royal)? Are they still active? If not, who are the oldest active Peers in your Barony that represent each of the Peerages?
  • Anything else about your Barony that you wish to include?