Calling All Noble Aspirants!

Hail Champions of Mons Tonitrus!

We implore you fight, fight, fight and show us your prowess. As Mace and Great Sword fast approaches we are in the search of those who would be victorious in battle. Striking every blow with honor and fighting with valor amidst the field of foes, whatever your chosen competition may be. Will all those who aspire to represent the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus, come forward with a letter and claim their intent to be our most chivalrous champion?

Please submit letters to

As the champions, we request that you attend baronial court and events within the barony and kingdom. If you cannot attend said events we ask that you

arrange for representation for those events. We also ask for your assistance in the set up and break down of baronial equipment and regalia, including pavilions, tables, tapestries, thrones, etc. There may be other requests throughout your year of service, we ask mostly that you participate as much as possible and always represent the barony with respect and courtesy to others.