Baronial Polling, Update

Greetings fair barony,

We apologize for any existing confusion on the baronial polling. The date has been changed to allow for the announcement of our step-down, and for the candidate letters to be published in the Kingdom newsletter.

  1. Our polling will now occur in early July.
    We waited to announce this, until we were through the approval process.
  2. Absentee balloting will open July 1, 2002.
  3. In person polling will be at our new combined champions event, TBD.
    Details will be announced as soon as the location is secured.

We will still have a “meeting of the (3-pairs) candidates,” at this month’s court on May 17th. At this time questions may be asked by the populace, to individuals or partners, to learn more about them. Please see the Letters of Intent on this site to gain some insight prior to court.

Thank you candidates and populace alike, for your patience with these changes and announcements as we move forward together.

Yours In Service,
Your B’s 🐝
In somnis veritas