Mace & Great Sword Event 2022

Oye, Oye!

Their Excellencies Mariette and Ilaria invite one and all to come join us for our Mace and Great Sword Tournament & Investiture, August 26–28th! Come and bear witness as the Coronets of this great barony pass to the successors of the Thunder Mountain!

Activities start Friday evening with Baroness Mariette’s vigil, along with a night shoot for archery. On Saturday there will be the event’s titular tournaments for Heavy, Cut and Thrust, and archery and thrown weapons activities. Rapier fighting will have a dueling format and will run throughout the weekend with the “Greatest Duelist” being declared at Final Court. There will also be A&S classes, an A&S Display, a Largess Derby, a Feast, and Bardic in the evening.

Please contact our Event or Feast Stewards for questions or more information not seen here! You can also post questions to our group’s Facebook page, and someone there should be able to assist you.



Below you will find:

  • Event Details & Stewards
  • Registration Link & Fees Information
  • Site Directions
  • Important Site Information
  • The Feast Menu
  • Event Schedule
  • A&S Classes & Activity Descriptions


Event Details


When: August 26–28, 2022 (3 day duration)
Site Opens: Friday, August 26th at 12:00 pm
Site Closes: Sunday, August 28th at 3:00 pm
Location: Las Cienegas National Conservation Area. Empire Ranch, Airstrip Group Site.
(Located seven miles north of Sonoita, AZ)

Event Stewards:
Master Tariq ibn Yusuf ibn Askari al Ghassani (M.K.A.: George Maloof,
and Baroness Elieth de Salazar (M.K.A.: Elieth Salazar,

Feast Steward:
Mistress Samara Caitlyn of Elfwyne (M.K.A.: Deborah Doyle,



Register Here on OR Pay your fee at the Gate


– Any fees Paid at the Gate should be paid with Cash Only
– You must pay a Site Fee, and a separate Feast Fee


Early / Online
Whole Weekend (Camping)

  • Member Entry (18 and up): $25.00
  • Non-Member Entry (18 and up): $30.00
  • Youth Entry (17 and under): $0.00

Day Trip

  • Member (18 and up): $15.00
  • Non-member (18 and up): $20.00
  • Youth (17 and under): $0.00


Pay at Gate (Cash Only)
Whole Weekend (Camping)

  • Member (18 and up): $30.00
  • Non-Member (18 and up): $35.00
  • Youth (17 and under): $0.00

Day Trip

  • Member (18 and up): $20.00
  • Non-member (18 and up): $25.00
  • Youth (17 and under): $0.00
(Saturday evening, after Closing Court, 
see menu below)

Early / Online

  • Adult: $10
  • Youth (17 and under): $5

Pay at Gate (Cash Only)

  • Adult: $15
  • Youth (17 and under): $10


Site Directions


Directions from Sierra Vista:

  • Hwy 90 toward Interstate I-10
  • Left onto Hwy 82
  • Head North (right) on State Highway 83
  • Near milepost 40, turn East onto the Empire Ranch entrance
  • Camping is at the Airstrip Group Site.

Directions from Tucson:

  • Go East on I-10 and exit at Route 83 (scenic highway)
  • Proceed South on Route 83 approximately 18 miles to the paved road on your left between mile post 40 and 39
  • Watch for brown Historic Empire Ranch sign on the right side of the highway
  • Turn East (left) onto paved road and follow for 3 miles to the Empire Ranch House on your left
  • Follow the SCA white signs to the campgrounds


Site Information


  • Site is discretely wet, no glass please
  • Dry RV camping
  • Pets allowed on a hand-held leash with owners responsible for waste pickup 
  • Above ground fires allowed (depending on fire conditions)
  • Roads
    • Roads to the site are unpaved
    • The main road to the Empire Ranch headquarters is well-maintained and suitable for passenger cars and RVs
  • Nearest hospital is in Sierra Vista
  • Water:
    • Drinking water is available at the Empire Ranch headquarters
    • Water is NOT located at camp site. We suggest bringing water for the weekend!
  • Please pack out all trash!


Feast Menu

“This feast is styled as a 16th-century German feast, based in large part on “Ein Neu Kochbuch” by Maister Marxen Rumpolt, 1581.”
– Mistress Samara Caitlyn of Elfwyne and THL Johann Wolfgang von Hesse


Erste Gang

  • Side-table of breads, cheese, and cold cuts. 
  • Grun Feld Salad (CLVIII-6): A simple mixed green salad with oil and vinegar & grated Parmesan cheese.  
  • Linsen Suppe (CLXIII-12): A Lentil Soup in broth with spices & herbs.

Ander Gang
The main course will be served Mess style, with a single platter per dish served to the table.  

  • Indianischen Henn (LXVI-9): Fried Turkey Meatballs in gravy with a drizzle of pomegranate syrup. An exotic dish from the Americas made using the world’s biggest chicken! 
  • Rindfleisch Pasteten (CLXXIII-8): Beef pasties with raisins and onions.
  • Erbetz im Butter (CXLII-7): Cooked peas in butter served with butter-fried bread, drizzled with butter.
  • Rot Haupte Kraut (CLX-4): Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage with apples & vinegar.
  • Erdtepffel (CXLIII-37): Another exotic American dish-Earth Apples! (Potatoes) mashed in milk and bacon.

Dritt Gang

  • Side-table with various deserts.


Event Schedule



  • A separate area will be opened for pick-up fights during the day!
  • Rapier fights will have a dueling format and will run throughout the weekend!
  • Read on after the schedule for detailed descriptions about the event activities!


  • 12:00 pm: Gate and Site open for set up
  • Sunset: Baroness Mariette’s vigil
  • 8:30 pm: Archery Night Shoot


  • 8:30am: A&S Display and Largess Derby setup
  • 9:00am: Morning Court (at the discretion of Their Majesties)

Weapons & Tournament

  • Right after Court: Longsword Tournament
  • Right after Longsword Tournament: Mace & Great Sword Tournament
  • 10:00am–12:00pm: Archery and thrown weapons range opens 
  • 1:00pm–2:00pm: Archery and thrown weapons range opens

A&S Classes & Lunch

  • Right after morning court: Class “Voice Heraldry with Nicholó de Santi”
  • 10:00am–11:00am: Class “Pewter Casting” with Master Seamus Sinclair. Limit 8 participants (He will have his own setup)
  • 10:00am–11:00am: Class “Basic Whipstitch Sewing for Youth” with Lady Zana
  • 10:00am–12:00pm: Class “Amber Workshop” with Mistress Caoilfhionn Mhaoil Ruanaidh. Limit 10 participants
  • 11:00am–12:00pm: Class “Pattern Darning: Table Linen for your Feast Kit” with THL Suzanna Jewell
  • 12:00pm–1:00pm: Lunch
  • 1:00pm–2:00pm: Class “Rugan, Qiapo, Kimono, Hanbok…What is the Difference?” with Lady Arianwen o’r Llyn
  • 1:00pm–2:00pm: Class “Combat Scribe 101” with Lady Dragoslava Ikonnikova
  • 2:00pm–3:00pm: Class “Norse Wire Weaving” with Lady Musa-Sunnifa

Closing Court & Feast

  • 2:00pm: A&S Display break down
  • 3:00pm: Investiture and Closing Court (at the discretion of Their Majesties)
  • Right after court: Feast and Bardic


  • Breakdown & Cleanup
  • 3:00pm: Event is closed


A&S Classes & Activity Descriptions



When: Friday, 8:30pm–9:30pm

A fun shoot with no scoring! No winners and no losers! Succeed in hitting the targets and you will have bragging rights!

  • Bring plenty of arrows with you, they may get lost in the dark but can be retrieved Saturday morning if not found that night. (Not losing any will provide more bragging rights!)
  • Bring a flashlight to help you better locate arrows and avoid ground obstacles. You don’t want to step on other’s arrows (be kind and help your fellow archers find theirs).
  • Targets will be somewhat illuminated with glow sticks for visibility.

NOTE: Children NOT accompanied by their parent or legal guardian (do not just say that it is okay for someone to watch them) will be considered unaccompanied. Unaccompanied children will be returned to their encampment or to the Site Stewards for the safety of the children and the range.

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When: Saturday, Anytime…Anywhere!

For those who would disregard the word of their Excellencies of Mons Tonitrus, and insist on violating their command that dueling be banned from their lands, I tell you this – the good constables will be looking for YOU…and they who attain the most victories on the streets shall be deemed publicly as an outlaw, and their name will be spread across the lands!

Rapier fighters must be prepared at all times during the event to fight, no matter where they may be on the site, so long as they are properly accompanied by a second. These seconds will act as marshals during the duel to ensure the safety of those who would be witness to such lawlessness. The winner of the duel gains one (1) victory point. 

Once the duel has been fought and the combatants are satisfied, their seconds may also duel, if they wish. 

BEWARE, however…for the Constables are never far away, and they will attempt to arrest you! You can choose to flee, or…stand your ground! 

Defeating a Constable counts as two (2) victory points. If you lose, however, it’s OFF TO JAIL, and you lose one (1) victory point from your total. IF you choose to surrender to the law, you will go to jail, however, no victory points will be lost… (A jail sentence will last for 15 minutes.)

The Duelist with the most victory points at the end of the event will be declared an Outlaw and their name (and fame!) shall be spread throughout the lands!

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When: All Day Saturday

All are welcome to compete in the Mace and Great Sword Largess Derby! The new Baron and Baroness will be in need of largess to hand out to worthy souls during their tenure.

Rules are simple:

  1. Set up will be at 8:30 am, ending at 2 pm. Please be present so we can celebrate the winner.
  2. Bring six (6) of one item. You can enter more than once but it needs to be in multiples of  six (6).
  3. The best item will be chosen by the populace.
  4. The winner will choose one of the items that were entered with the rest being given to the new Baron and Baroness of the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus.

Let’s all have a great time!!

Lady LeiAnne
A&S Minister for BMMT

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When: All Day Saturday

Come One, Come All,

There will be an A&S Display, no competition, at Mace and GreatSword.  Bring your handy work for all to see and enjoy.  Due to some possible limitations on how many tables we can spare you might want to bring a table to display your art, maybe even share with a friend (or make a new one).  Please include a card with your name and some brief information on your item(s).  I for one can’t wait to see all the beautiful things.

Lady LeiAnne
A&S Minister for BMMT

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Instructor: Nicholó di Santi
When: Saturday, 1:30pm–2:00pm

Learn what it takes to be a Site / List / Court Herald! 

From Projection, timing, messing up names (and how to do it with style), and much much more!

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Instructor: Master Seamus Sinclair
When: Saturday, 10:00am–11:00am


  • You should only attend if you participated in Part 1
  • All class materials are provided for a $5 fee
  • Bring a chair, eye protection, and a dust mask 
  • Limit 8 participants
  • Sign up at the gate

Two Parts
Part 1: 10–11 am at Baronial A&S July 9, outside Ethel Berger
Part 2: an hour TBA at Mace & Greatsword/Investiture, August 27, Empire Ranch

Greetings to all and pray atten!

Unveil the joys of jewelry making with lead-free pewter. Pewter casting is a simple, rewarding process that you can do at home. 

Continuing a class taught at the previous Baronial Champions event in 2022, first class participants made a mold in plaster of Paris and discussed medieval to modern pewter casting processes. This follow-up class will be spent refining the molds and casting your personally designed works of art.

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Instructor: Lady Zana (Wild Woman)
When: Saturday, 10:00am–11:00am


  • Children under 6 years will need to have a guardian present with them.

This class is for youth of all ages! Students will learn to use a needle with yarn to sew a decorative border on their choice of a cloth hood or belt bag. Students too young to use a sharp needle will use wax paint (crayons) to decorate their bag.

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Instructor: Mistress Caoilfhionn
When: Saturday, 10:00am–12:00pm


  • Fee: $10
  • Max Students: 10

Come and learn a little history, some myths, a bit of trivia and facts about the fascinating gemstone, Amber! We will also be hand polishing a small piece of Baltic Amber that you can take home with you. The Amber, sandpaper, and polishing compound will be provided.

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Instructor: THL Suzanna Jewell (Susan Jewell)
When: Saturday, 11:00am–12:00pm

Pattern darning is a simple style of embroidery that uses a running stitch to create a design on fabric built up line by line. The design appears on the front of the fabric, and in negative on the back. We are embroidering on tea towels for our feasting kits and using embroidery thread. 

This stitch was common to many locations through late medieval and early renaissance Europe and the Middle East. It is evident in surviving pieces: from 15th–16th century Germany and further afield, in 12th–16th century Egypt and syria, 15th–17th century Iceland (known as ‘skakkaglit’), and 16th–19th century Japan (known as ‘kogin’).

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Ruqun, Qiapo, Kimono, Hanbok…What is the difference?

Instructor: Arianwen o’r Llyn
When: Saturday, 1:00pm–2:00pm

We will explore the development of Asian clothing styles with a primary emphasis on Chinese and how it influenced Japanese and Korean clothing, and how the later developed their own distinctive styles.

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Instructor: Lady Dragoslava Ikonnikova
When: Saturday, 1:00pm–2:00pm

Have you ever been to an event where their Majesties or their Excellencies needed a scroll done before court in a few short hours, and went to you asking you to produce one? 

While this situation isn’t always ideal, it can introduce a new and exciting challenge for those who enjoy the scribal arts. Who knows! 

This class is designed to teach aspiring battle scribes the materials and techniques needed when one is placed in this position. 

What materials should and should not be used when in a short time restriction?
What tools and equipment should always be in your battle scribe box?
Where to get the texts needed for the scrolls?
What should be done in advance before the event where this could happen?
All of these questions will be answered in this class!


Instructor: Musa-Sunnifa
When: Saturday, 2:00pm–3:00pm

In this class you will learn how to create wire woven chains to be worn as jewelry, or used as desired. Each class participant will create two short chains to take with them. 

Musa will discuss a few issues that can come up while making the chain, how to solve them, and a couple of ways to create closures for the chains. She will also briefly discuss historical evidence for wire weaving in the Medieval Ages. 

The class and materials will be free, but donations are accepted as well!

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