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Hailing from the Mountains of Thunder

Important Announcement Regarding War Pracitce and Battlefields!

Attention Populace! PLEASE check with a marshal before approaching so that they know someone is there and can direct them to someplace safe to stand. Do this EVERY time, even if you were there earlier or there doesn’t appear to be fighting going on at…

Today! Kingdom Fighting Collegium and Kingdom 12th Night in Tucson!

Don’t forget today’s Kingdom Fighting Collegium at Himmel Park in Tucson from 9am until 3pm! There will be classes galore on tactics, skills, and even armoring. The address for the site is: 135 N Treat Avenue, Tucson, AZ. Come get your learn on 🙂 Also,…

This weekend: Kingdom Fighting Collegium and Southern War Practice!

Greetings, populace of Mons! This weekend brings two great fighting events for our martial members in the form of the Kingdom Fighting Collegium and the Southern War Practice. The locations are as follows (as per the Barony of Tyr Ysgithr): “The steward for Kingdom Fighting…

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